Celeb make-up artist ShaanMu's 5 tips for those signature retro eyes

Published on 23rd Jun 2020 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

When eyes stab, looks kill!

Over the decades, eye make-up has gone through a major revolution. Different eras have seen stylish divas popularise different types of eye make-up. Celeb make-up artist ShaanMu gives you the dope for signature eye styles from different periods. 

1. The 1950s: Winged eyeliners

These were made famous by the one and only Marilyn Monroe. Needless to add, it gave her eyes that mesmerising look. Her 'come hither' look was accentuated by those elongated, tapering lashes at the corners of her eyes. Truly sexier than thou stuff!

The 1950s Winged eyeliners
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2. The 1960s: Accented eyes

Not everyone was Marilyn Monroe. Those preferring a lighter tone gave their eyelids an accent. Stylists highlighted the border of the skin with kohl, just above the eyelashes. A dash of mascara completed the look. Flutter your eyelashes to make hearts skip a beat!

The 1960s Accented eyes
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3. The 1970s: Dual wingtips

The 50s look got sassier! The winged eyeliners were complemented by another series of symmetrical strokes near the bottom eyelashes. The dual wingtip eyeliner was popularised by Sharmila Tagore in the 70s. It accentuated the hypnosis quotient of her expressive eyes.

The 1970s Dual wingtips
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4. The 1980s: Eye shadows

The 1980s brought the eye shadow into vogue. Eyes look intense when stylists dab the top of the eyelids with colour shadows that synchronise with the skin tone. The outside of the eyes is also traced in the same shade. Heads will turn!

The 1980s Eye shadows
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5. The current trend: Smoky eyes

Brown, smoky eyes are in! An ultra-glam look, it is bound to bestow you with a killer gaze. A combination of kohl, eye gels and eye shadows give a dreamy hue. Add soft smudges on the eyelids and finish it by glueing a set of false eyelashes. It'll give your eyes an intoxicating air.  

The current trend Smoky eyes
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