Cardio Or Weight Lifting: Which One Is Beneficial For Weight Loss

Published on 19th Mar 2021 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

Many people who are interested in getting fit find themselves at crossroads between cardio vs weight training. Cardio and weights are two popular choices of workout amongst people. While both have their pros and cons, the two workouts benefit everyone differently.

Cardio is an aerobic activity that uses oxygen to increase your heart rate. On the other hand, Weight training is an anaerobic activity that includes lifting free weights like barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells or using weight machines.

Let us compare cardio vs weight training and decide which one is beneficial for weight loss.

Cardio vs Weight Training - Which One Burns More Fats

Your body weight determines how many calories you burn during different types of workouts including cardio and weights. While cardio and weights both play an important role in weight loss, the calories you burn while indulging in both differs.

You burn more calories in a cardio session than weight training for the same amount of effort. For example- If you weigh 73 kgs, you burn around 250 calories while jogging at a moderate intensity for 30 minutes. Whereas, you burn around just 130 to 200 calories if you weight train for the same amount of time.

Although weight training does not burn many calories per session, it has other benefits. It is more beneficial in building muscles than cardio exercises, and muscle burns more calories at rest than at work. It is a common belief that muscle building depends on how many calories you burn at rest and weight training is considered to be the best in increasing your body’s resting metabolism. The number of calories you burn while weight training isn’t limited to when you are working out. In fact, you are likely to keep burning calories for hours or even days after.

When it comes to burning calories, cardio and weights both have their separate sets of benefits. Now, let us look at the benefits of cardio and the benefits of weightlifting.

Benefits Of Cardio

Cardiovascular exercises or cardio have a plethora of exercises to enhance the overall quality of life. Many people assume that cardio exercise benefits only the heart-health of a person. But in reality, the benefits of cardio extend beyond that. Let us explore the many cardio exercise benefits-

1. Cardio Exercise Benefits Heart Health:
Indulging in cardiovascular exercises is a great way to keep your heart healthy. It makes it stronger and efficient. Cardio exercise benefits the capability of the heart in pumping blood around your body. It helps decrease high blood pressure, preserve heart health and increase its lifespan. Cardio exercises also help in preventing the buildup of bad cholesterol and reduces the chances of a heart stroke.

2. Cardio Exercise Benefits Blood Circulation:
A healthy and efficient heart leads to a better circulatory system. It ensures a constant supply of blood and oxygen to the various organs and muscles in the body, helping the body function better. Cardiovascular exercises also boost the efficiency of internal organs and increase your physical output.

3. Mental Health Benefits Of Cardio:
Cardio exercise benefits in making you happier. This is because it makes you stronger and fitter. Cardiovascular exercises make you experience an elated high that help in reducing stress, anxiety and symptoms of depression.

4. Cardio Exercises Benefits In Sleeping Better:
Indulging in a 30 to 45 minutes cardio workout uses up a lot of energy. This in turn helps you sleep better at night. It stimulates the brain to create the neurochemicals which make you sleep at night time. It helps in regulating your sleep schedule and helps you to get better quality sleep.

5. Cognitive Function Benefits Of Cardio:
The increased blood flow, oxygen and nutrients in the body due to cardiovascular exercises affects the brain as well. This enhanced activity in the body helps your brain to create more neurons. The growing number of neurons in the brain helps the brain function better by boosting the logical thought process and problem-solving skills. Cardio exercise benefits in enhancing short term memory and long term memory as well.

Benefits Of Weightlifting

The benefits of weightlifting aren’t just limited to bulking up and building mass muscle. Let us explore the other benefits of weightlifting-

1. Weightlifting Enhances Metabolism:
When indulging in weightlifting, you increase your muscle mass, which in turn increases your metabolism. You burn calories even while resting after taking part in a weightlifting session. This can go on for hours or even days after.

2. Weightlifting Improves Strength And Endurance:
As you indulge in regular weightlifting sessions, your body grows stronger and its effects can be seen in other aspects of your physical activity. Each muscle you target, will get stronger and build endurance, thus, boosting your performance. Weightlifting makes your body more efficient in performing physical activities.

3. Weightlifting Helps Your Posture:
Nowadays, we are sitting at our desks for most of the day. This can tire out the stabilizer muscles in our body that play a major role in body posture. Indulging in weightlifting on a regular basis helps you move more and also enhances the endurance of the muscles in your trunk that are responsible for a straight posture.

4. Weightlifting Regulates Insulin And Lowers Inflammation:
Weightlifting is beneficial in controlling blood sugar levels as it burns glucose in your body. It also aids in fighting inflammation that is a trigger for various diseases. Weightlifting is also helpful in keeping away chronic diseases.

5. Weightlifting Enhances Balance:
Many weightlifting movements require balance and mobility. As you indulge in different movements and different angles while weightlifting, the major muscle groups and the smaller muscles throughout your body become stronger and more stable.

Cardio vs Weight Training: Which One To Choose

As mentioned above, cardio and weights, both benefit the human body immensely and can help you become healthier and fit. But, when it comes to cardio vs weight training, it is best to combine them both for an ideal exercise program. Cardio and weights are a powerful combination for weight loss and indulging in both of them concurrently yield the best results. Make a fitness plan that is best suited for your fitness goals. If you are confused about cardio or weights first, then we suggest that you do a weightlifting session first and a cardio session later as it’ll utilise the utmost energy levels of your body. You can also add in a little High-Intensity Interval Training after some time for variations. Combining cardio and weights will surely help you achieve your fitness goals in no time.

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