Can you #GuessTheBadGuys from Suicide Squad?

Published on 06th Jun 2017 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

They are the worst of the worst, and yet, they are our last hope. When the Government needs a few disposable people to do their dirty work, it calls in the ‘Suicide Squad’- a collection of the worst villains imaginable. How many of these Super-Zeroes do you recognize from the film? Let us know!

1. The clown prince of crime.
2. The samuria whos seeks revenge.
3. Psychologist turned psychopath.
4. He loves using these boomerangs as much as he loves calling himself ‘Captain’
5. You better hope he doesn’t have you in his sight.
6. Leading them isn’t the best job in the world, but someone has to do it.
7. He’s real popular at barbecues, nicknamed “The Devil” in Spanish.


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