Can you guess these ultimate villains of Bollywood?

Published on 16th Jun 2017 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

These Bollywood baddies are so memorable that people know them better than the heroes of the story. How many of the bad guys can you identify from this criminal line-up?

1.Everybody knows how ‘khush’ this villain gets! Can you #GuessTheVillain?
2.This villain was known to have the future of the world in his hands, if not on his chair, can you #GuessTheVillain?.
3. We’re sure nobody can forget this villain’s name, since he reminded us twice, almost every time! RT if you can #GuessTheVillain.
4. This actor needs no introduction, since his villainous character just adds to his talent! RT if you can #GuessTheVillain.
5. This villain is one who always questioned how many ‘aadmi’ were present! Can you #GuessTheVillain?.

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