Boxercise, the new fitness mantra

Published on 10th May 2021 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

When it comes to staying fit, several trends – from zumba, pilates, CrossFit to kickboxing to parkour and yoga to name a few – have become popular among fitness buffs. Boexercise is the latest fitness regimen to become a craze.
Though it has been around for couple of decades with fans around the world, it is only now that the buzz around Boxercise is gathering pace. We list down a few points on why Boxercise is worth exploring:

1) Boxercise is based on the training methods followed by boxers to stay fit. It involves various types of workouts like shadow-boxing, skipping, kicking and punching, sit-ups, etc.

2) Boxercise mimics several aspects of boxing, however, it is devoid of the sparring and the aggression often associated with the combat sport. This makes boxercise a favourite for all ages.

3) Boxercise is the easiest and surefire way to vent pent-up rage and aggression. Exercises such as punching and kicking the punching bag enables you attain a release and feel better. A bout of boxercise is guaranteed to leave you feel calmer, lighter and happier.

4) As boxercise teaches you multiple boxing moves like jab, hook, cross and uppercut, it polishes your self-defence skills. It increases your self- esteem and makes you confident.

5) Boxercise improves your hand-eye coordination as it requires you to focus on the black dot on the punching bag and hit it accurately. Unlike other asymmetrical sports like tennis, badminton, etc. boxercise helps maintain balance between the the right and left sides of your body. Thus, boxercise also helps improve body alignment.

6) A session of boxercise involves high-intensity interval training consequently improving your cardiovascular endurance. As boxercise comprises about 80% high intensity workouts, it improves your stamina and blood circulation.

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