Bollywood's own MET Gala king and his quirky looks that will leave you mind blown!

Ranveer Singh is the style icon of Bollywood with his electrifying energy and his magnificent charisma in the world of cinema, this man seems to pull off anything that comes his way.  His style can give you a lot of OH MY GOD moments to a lot of WOW's as well, he has it all. His fashion is here to break the internet for good. Take a look at some of quirky looks with that wow-factor intact! 

Totally digging this dapper Super Mario look and his effortless character that brings out the best of this style,  can’t imagine anyone else pulling off that heavy chain like a pro.

Ranveer Singh Dressing Style
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Ranveer Singh is all about that chic embroidery look in this one. This is definitely something you'd want to wear in an event to let all the other outfit’s bite the dust.

Ranveer Singh's Quirky Dressing Style
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Ranveer Singh is all about that summer fashion with this ultra-chic lemony yellow suit, giving us a summer vibes we didn't know we needed yet.

Ranveer Singh's lemony yellow suit
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This look is definitely Bohat Hard! The oversized jacket and the net cap is giving us the Gully Boy vibes all over again.  A perfect look for all kinds of 'Jingalala' parties around the corner,  if Ranveer Singh is in the room, he's going to get your attention at all costs. 

Gully Boy Ranveer Singh
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Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a stripe lover on board with his magnificent looks and an unbeatable sense of fashion. The royal ruby coloured fur jacket might look like it's too overwhelming but is definitely eye-catching in all aspects.

Ranveer Singh in ruby coloured fur jacket
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