Bollywood’s Fitness Mantras

Bollywood stars are fascinating beings. They are rich and famous and lead glamorous lives. They make headlines for many reasons besides their films. The workouts and diets they follow are of great interest to their fans. Being stars, they have to keep up appearances and look picture-perfect. Wouldn’t we like to know how they manage this feat? 

1. Akshay Kumar – Mantra – Eat before sunset

Akshay eats balanced meals which include carbohydrates, fats and proteins. He believes in the ‘big breakfast, light dinner’ formula. Tea and coffee are forbidden beverages. Being an outdoor person, his exercise routine includes activities like Parkour and martial arts

Akshay Kumar
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2. Nargis Fakhri

Nargis believes that walking at least 10,000 steps should become a part of your daily life.
She eats plenty of vegetables with her meals and drinks 2/3 litres of water to keep hydrated. The six-day juice-cleanse diet she practices is very popular. It is believed to successfully encourage a weight loss of up to 6 kgs in that many days

Nargis Fakri
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3. Mallika Sherawat – Mantra – Vegan

Mallika believes in a vegan diet. She consumes no eggs, dairy or meat. Her diet includes lots of fruits, vegetables and green juices. Kick boxing is her favoured workout

Mallika Sherawat
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4. Sushmita Sen – Mantra – Holistic Nutrition

Sushmita is particular about the Macros in her diet. Her meals are rich in all of them, proteins, carbohydrates and fats. She never indiscriminately skips a meal and is always adequately hydrated. Yoga, ballet and dancing provide physical exercise

Sushmita Sen
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5. Sonam Kapoor – Mantra – Pilates

Sonam is an avid practitioner of Pilates which focuses on muscular strength and endurance. To break the monotony of the workout she switches to high-intensity cardio, jogging and swimming. The diet she follows is an ovo-vegetarian option where the emphasis is on eggs for protein. No meat or dairy.

Sonam Kapoor
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6. Shipa Shetty – Mantra – Yoga

Shilpa is a yoga enthusiast and practices both yoga and pranayama (breathing) techniques. Her Quick Fix Yoga – 15-minute Full Body Workout is very popular. She believes that regular exercise and eating right gets you in shape. She likes to meditate for 10 minutes every day to calm her mind and body

Shilpa Shetty
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7. Katrina Kaif – Mantra – Follow Different Diets

Katrina recently revealed that her fitness and diet plans change according to the roles she plays in different movies. The focus is on the look she wants to achieve and she works on the desired result. Her exercise regimen includes Pilates or functional training. She follows a sensible way of eating, including the foods she knows are good for her

Katrina Kaif – Mantra – Follow Different Diets
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