Bole Toh, Hindi Bidu - A list of all the Hindi words in the Oxford Dictionary

From Indian delicacies like the ‘Gulab Jamun’ and ‘Vada’ to terms like ‘Funda’ and ‘Natak’, there are a lot of Hindi words recently added to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED). Researches say that there are more than 70 words that are now a part of the dictionary. And not only Hindi, words from other languages like Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, and even Urdu have made it to the dictionary! Here we take a look at the most fun words that have made it to the Oxford English Dictionary!

1. Aiyo

‘Where there is a will, Aiyo! There are 200 relatives too on the way.’

2. Badmash

‘We all have that one “Badmash” friend who is always up for a prank on all the other people.’

3. Bhelpuri

Like Govinda says, ’Main toh raste se ja raha tha, Main toh BHELPURI kha raha tha.’

4. Churidar

‘Churidars over salwar pants for life!’

5. Chutney

‘Chutney makes every Indian dish taste better.’

6. Dadagiri

‘Mom warned Rohan that if his DADAGIRI at home continued, she will be compelled to ask him to leave the house.’

7. Ekdum

‘Bole to EKDUM Jhakaas.’

8. Gully

‘Indians are pros at playing GULLY cricket.’

9. Jugaad

‘Exams mein JUGAAD karna koi Raghav se seekhe!’ said the teacher.

10. Keema

‘Keema Pav is a very famous Indian dish that Reena loves to eat.’

11. Papad

‘Indians love to consume PAPAD with their meals.’

12. Yaar

'One friend addressed the other saying, ‘Tere jaisa YAAR kaha?’