The bold and fearless queen: Kangana Ranaut

Published on 30th Oct 2020 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

Born on 20th March 1987, Kangana Ranaut is an actress known for her fearless attitude and her way of living. Kangana comes from Bhambla, Himachal Pradesh and was spotted at a coffee shop by the famous director Anurag Basu in 2005. That’s when he decided to cast her in his film that he was working on then, Gangster! And here Kangana is today, acing it in Bollywood since 2005, giving all the other lead actresses a run for their money. Let’s have a look at her journey here:

Right from her childhood, Kangana Ranaut has been a fierce child who loved experimenting with her work. She grew up believing in herself with a dream to become a doctor one day!

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As a kid, Kangana Ranaut never was interested in films and would rarely go out to watch a movie. Till date, Kangana has only seen about 15 films. She is more inclined to read instead.

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At a tender age of 15, Kangana Ranaut lost interest in studies and wanted to drop her school to become a sculpture artist one day. Her family was never happy with this decision of hers. 

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Kangana Ranaut then dreamt of living a different life and wanted to travel to as many places as she can before she’d turn 50. On one of her trips, she landed at a coffee shop where she met Anurag Basu who later signed her for Gangster.

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Kangana Ranaut never looked back after Gangster and went on to pursue her dream to become one of the leading ladies of Bollywood. She went on to sign multiple projects that came her way post Gangster and today is a well-known face for her remarkable performances in Queen, Fashion, Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi. She has also won several awards and recognitions for her work including the National Film Award at the age of 22.

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Apart from acting, Kangana Ranaut loves cooking and is a pure vegan. She was also listed as ‘India’s hottest vegetarian’ by Peta India in 2013.

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In one of her interviews, she revealed that its difficult to get along with her. ‘I’m a boring person and I have very few friends’ says Kangana Ranaut. But once she opens up, she’d be the go to person, she says. 

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