Big B's Biggest Hits on Twitter

Published on 11th Oct 2017 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

Not just Bollywood, Amitabh Bachchan is the Shahenshahof Twitter too. Over the years, he has taken over 30 million followers on a roller-coaster ride of action, emotion and drama, just like in his movies. Here are the best tweets from Big B.

1. It’s time for a flashback

2. When badminton look the spotlight

3. Introducing a new star

4. When Virat rewrote the script

5. From one angry young man to another

6. Acknowledging ‘Ma Ka Karz’

7. Proud to say, “Jai Hind”

8. Everyone’s well-wisher

9. A tribute to the father of the nation

10. Now that’s a sixer!

11. Pearl of wisdom

12. Reflecting on his bday


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