Best Ideas For DIY Valentine's Gifts

Published on 08th Feb 2021 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it's time to assemble all of the best Valentine’s Day craft ideas! There are a plethora of gifts you can give your Valentine from the stores but nothing expresses love better than DIY Valentine’s Day gifts. DIY Valentine’s Day gifts are personal and more meaningful than something you buy off the rack from any store. It conveys feelings better and doesn’t lose its charm even after years.

There are many options available, from the simplest to the most carefully crafted Valentine’s Day craft ideas. Mentioned below are some of the best DIY Valentine’s Day gifts or homemade Valentine's Day gift ideas that are perfect for the occasion.

Ombre Cork Heart

Ombre Cork Heart is one of the best DIY Valentine’s Day gifts. It is eye-catching, a modern Valentine’s Day craft idea and makes for an amazing decorative wall piece as well. You can paint it any colour that your loved one likes. Follow the steps below and you can create one of the sweetest heart-shaped craft ideas-

  • Draw half a heart about 14 inches tall on a folded piece of paper. Cut it out with a scissor and unfold.
  • Trace the heart on a piece of foam board and cut it out with a crafts knife.
  • Mix red paint with increasing amounts of white to create six shades in six paper cups. Divide about 170 corks into six groups, varying the number of corks in each to make a heart.
  • Paint the top of each group in a different colour and leave it to dry.
  • Stick the corks with a hot-glue gun on the foam board, and staple a ribbon to the back to hang it up.
  • You can stick memorable photos of you and your loved one on it and make it into a memory board.
Ombre Cork Heart
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Tea Bag Hearts

Love and freshness is combined in this most thoughtful DIY Valentine’s gifts. Pick some of your favourite teas like Earl Grey, English Breakfast or Green tea and make different heart shaped tea bags for this most thoughtful Valentine’s Day craft ideas! Not only is this one of the best DIY Valentine’s Day gifts, it will treat your loved one with their favourite flavours of tea and will bring a smile on their face as well. Below are the steps you can follow to make Tea Bag Hearts, which is definitely one of the cutest heart-shaped craft ideas-

  • Cut out a heart shape with a piece of a card stock. Trace it over the centre of a coffee filter.
  • Stack two filters together and cut outside the traced heart in the shape of a rough square. Take a threaded needle, and push it through the bottom of the two sheets to make a simple stitch first.
  • This time when you stitch upwards from the bottom of the filter, stitch back right next to your first stitch to make a backstitch.
  • Stop when you are about ⅔ done and fill the pocket with a tablespoon of loose tea.
  • Stitch the heart closed and tie a double knot at the end. Trim away the needle but preserve the excess thread. Cut around the heart.
  • Take a crepe paper of 2*2 and fold it in. Cut a half heart along the 2 folded edges.
  • Keep the thread at the centre of the heart, dab a little glue to it and seal it with a second heart. Trim away the excess thread.
  • Your one of the best DIY Valentine’s Day gifts is ready!
Tea Bag Hearts
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Thumbprint Vase

A romantic gesture like no other with this most beautiful of all DIY Valentine’s Day gifts. You can fill the thumbprint vase with real or artificial flowers; we recommend real flowers for the much-needed expression of love. Follow the steps mentioned below to make this DIY Valentine’s gift-

  • Paint jars in two coats of acrylic paint and leave it to dry overnight in-between coats.
  • Dip your thumb in the paint and add your thumbprint on the jar. Dip it again and add a second thumbprint on the first thumbprint to create a heart shape.
  • Use a clear topcoat to seal the jars.
Thumbprint Vase
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‘On The Hour’ Gift Envelopes

‘On the hour’ gift envelopes will make for one of the most creative Valentine's Day ideas. You can create your own labels for each envelope and organize the gifts throughout the day. You can give small items throughout the day for example, shopping vouchers, first movie stubs, love letters, love songs, photographs, chocolates and a lot more! Follow the steps below to make one of the most amazing DIY Valentine’s gifts-

  • Create a MS Word file of labels. Customise your labels as per your liking.
  • Save it as a PDF so that anyone can print them.
  • Print your labels on stickers so that it is easy to use.
  • Stick your labels on your DIY Valentine’s gift and surprise your loved one throughout the day.
‘On The Hour’ Gift Envelopes
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Pop-Up Valentine’s Card

An idea that never gets old is DIY love cards! Express your love with one of the most creative 3D DIY love cards. It not only makes for one of the most memorable DIY Valentine’s gifts but is also display-worthy! Follow the steps below to make this most expressive DIY Valentine crafts-

  • Trim the two-sided print of the envelope. Use a straight edge to fold flaps and tape roller to form envelopes.
  • Trim all pieces of the 3D card using a craft knife and scissor.
  • Cut all around the heart balloon using a craft knife except a small edge of the heart balloon to form a hinge.
  • Fold two loose hearts and the Valentine’s card at the centre.
  • Attach twine to the hearts and glue on flags. Glue the folded hearts to the balloon hearts.
  • Your 3D DIY love card is ready!
  • Fold two-sided card backers at the centre and attach the back of the card on the inside panels using a roller tape.
Pop-Up Valentine’s Card
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Custom Candy & Chocolate Box

What’s better than one chocolate? Loads of different chocolates! Take your DIY Valentine’s Day gift up a notch with a custom chocolate box. Pick up some of your loved ones favourite chocolates and candies like Gems, M&Ms, Chocolate candies, Nutties, etc. Follow the below-mentioned simple steps to make one of the easiest DIY Valentine’s gifts-

  • A small craft box or organiser.
  • Fix the different sections of the box with different chocolates and candies.
  • Stick a note at the top of the box wishing your loved one a very Happy Valentine’s Day!
Custom Candy & Chocolate Box
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