Ayushmann Songs For Everyday Situations

Ayushmann Khurrana has given us memorable songs with beautiful visuals, but ever wondered how relatable these songs are in day to day situations? Read this post to find out.

1.Mitti di Khushboo:
When you’re away from home and the smell of wet soil makes you nostalgic.

2.Ik Vaari:
When you’re eagerly waiting for the latest episode of your favourite show, you’re likely to sing “ik vaari…”

3. Paani da Rang:
When you have ordered food online and it feels like you’re waiting since ages, your heart will start singing ‘Kamli hogayi tere bina, aaja ranjan mere’.

4. Yahin Hoon Main:
When you’re standing among friends eagerly waiting for a bite of the best friend’s birthday Cake and he is slicing it..Are yahin hoon main yaar!

5. Saadi gali aaja:
When you see ads of your dream gadget and you’re eagerly waiting for its release.

6.Tu Hi tu:
We have all been in times where we’re so exhausted that we start seeing our bed everywhere..

7.Orey Mon:
When you find the perfect meme to tag your BFF.


When you know your internet connection can betray you any second but you proceed with YouTube anyway. Sigh! Who can teach logic to Dil-e-Nadan?

9.Nazm Nazm:
When you’re all draped with that Sherwani or the stylish saree, and the front camera of your phone suddenly becomes the centre of your life and selfies come pouring in the phone gallery.


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