A homage to the legendary Uttam Kumar

Uttam Kumar is regarded as one of the cultural icons who heralded in the golden age of Indian Cinema, earning both cultural and critical acclaim during his tenure as an actor & director, including The National Film Award for Best Actor. His popularity even ensured that he had a metro station in Kolkata named after him!

1. Uttam Kumar, real name Arun Kumar Chatterjee, started out as a clerk, pursuing his love for acting with stage plays, which blossomed into a full time profession.
2. At the peak of Uttam Kumar’s career, famous actor Rajesh Khanna said “He is the perfect ambassador of Indian cinema. No one carries Indian culture in a Kurta and Dhoti as well as he does.”
3. He began his rise to stardom with 1953’s Sare Chuattar, which brought Bengali Cinema to the forefront of Indian Cinema.
4. His most iconic role is the portrayal of legendary detective – Byomkesh Bakshi, through which he gained critical acclaim and praise.
5. With countless awards and accolades under his belt, he has a career that has left a lasting impact on Indian Cinema, that is visible even today.