An Action-Packed Sporting Weekend for England 

A nail-biting end to the much-awaited finales of the year 2019! Let’s revisit the best of the Wimbledon and Cricket World Cup finales which gave us an unforgettable weekend to remember a lifetime!

1. England’s First Cricket World Cup

Throwing his gloves to the sky, Jos Buttler shouted with joy as he celebrated England’s first ever win in the history of the Cricket World Cup. There is no doubt about how astonishing the finale between England and New Zealand was. The combination of Jos Buttler and Ben Stokes proved to be iconic and unbeatable.

 "It means absolutely everything. The planning, hard work, dedication, commitment – and the bit of luck today – got us over the line” said Eoin Morgan on his team’s iconic win.

2019 Cricket World cup Winner England
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2. England won the World- Cup, New Zealand won hearts

The heart-wrenching defeat of the Kiwis has broken many hearts all around the world. The support shown to Kane Williamson’s team, especially by the Indian fans is commendable. Our heart goes out to the Black Caps!

"There's a lot of disappointment. The guys are feeling it" –  Kane Williamson, Captain of New Zealand

2019 Cricket World cup runner up New Zealand
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3. Greatest Tie Breaker and Super Over Ever

Even after a tiebreaker, it was England who took the shining trophy, all thanks to the ICC rules. For the first time, a 50 over World Cup final has been decided on the basis of the number of boundaries hit. The match was a tie after 50 overs as well as after the Super Over. It was indeed a heartbreaking day for the Black Caps but England definitely had an amazing experience winning the ICC World Cup 2019 becoming only the second team to win the world cup on home soil.

Kane Williams
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4. Once a winner, always a winner!

The weekend was truly nerve-wracking for tennis fans as well. Glued to their seats for the Men’s Championship final between Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer, an epic five-set battle ensued! In the end, Novak Djokovic prevailed with his win in the Wimbledon Championship. It is also Novak’s third time beating Roger in the game. 

Noavk Djokovic
5. Longest Wimbledon Finale in History

The crowd favorite Roger Federer was defeated in the longest championship finale in the History of Wimbledon. It was one of the most exciting and thrilling 4 hours and 57 minutes of our lives, leaving everyone star-struck and witnessing Djokovic defending his crown for the 5th time, he’s also the first man in the history of 71 years to win the title from two championship points down.

Winning moment of Noavk Djokovic
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6. Charisma of a Champion

After witnessing a semi-final between Rafael Nadel and Roger Federer, as two of the most iconic players were meeting for the first time at Wimbledon since their epic 2008 final. Winning the semi-final Roger definitely proved to be on top of his game. When asked about how does he manage to pull it off, Rodger said: “I hope I give some other people a chance to believe that at 37, it is not over yet”.

Roger Federer
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