Action movies of Tottempudi Gopichand that will leave you asking for more

Published on 15th Oct 2020 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

The quintessential action hero of Telugu cinema, Tottempudi Gopichand was born today. For the masses he's only Gopichand or The "Action Hero" of Telugu Cinema. Let's take a look at some of Gopichand action movies movies that earned him his reputation.

1. Varsham (2004)

Varsham is the story of Venkat and Sailaja, two young lovers, and how they are separated by Sailaja’s father who marries her off to a ruthless landlord. But, love always prevails and Venkat saves Sailaja from the clutches of the landlord.


2. Jayam (2002)

The parents of two childhood friends, Raghu and Sujatha, decide to marry each other once they are adults but Sujatha falls in love with Ravi, her friend from college. Now, Sujatha and Ravi must find a way to be together.


3. Okkadunnado (2007)

Kiran adds his name to the blood donor list in a hospital. An ailing gangster with a rare blood group finds out about this and seeks out Kiran for heart transplant as his blood group matches that of the gangster.


4. Ranam (2006)

Chinna moves to the city for higher studies and finds himself in an altercation with a gangster. He finds himself in deeper trouble when he falls for Maheshwari, the gangster’s sister.


5. Souryam (2008)

A child who is recently orphaned is forced to let a family adopt her infant sister. Upon growing up, he becomes a police officer and goes searching for her sister. His search takes him to Kolkata where he discovers a goon is trying to abduct his sister, now he must go and save her.


6. Lakshyam (2007)

A gangster frames ACP Bose in a murder. Chandu, ACP’s brother gets involved to solve the murder, proves his brother’s innocence and save his reputation while punishing the gangster responsible for the murder.

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7. Golimar (2010)

This is the story of Gangaram who becomes a cop by sheer hard work and starts to target gangsters and corrupt officials but becomes their target while fighting for justice.

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8. Sahasam (2013)

Gautham, a security guard, finds his grandfather’s diary that consists the map of a hidden treasure and goes on a treasure hunt. Meanwhile, Sultan, a gangster, who has captured an archeologist races Gautham to find the treasure.

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9. Loukyam (2014)

Venky helps his friend elope with a gangster’s daughter and finds himself in the crosshairs of a manhunt ordered by the gangster. Now he must try to save himself while also trying to help their friends.

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10. Jil (2015)

Jai, who is a firefighter, finds himself being attacked by a gangster who is out on bail and believes Jai to be an associate of his enemy. 

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