Absence is temporary, but class is permanent: Bollywood’s comeback kahaanis

Published on 16th Apr 2018 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

Esha Deol Takhtani will soon be back on the silver screen as a chef in Cakewalk. The movie deals with a sensitive subject: a married woman’s professional and personal journey. Expectations are high since this is Esha’s comeback film after nearly three years. She is among those actors who have proved that age and absence can’t blunt their class. Here are seven brilliant performers who have made a solid comeback

1. Rani Mukherjee in Hichki (2018)

An exceptional performance from Rani Mukherjee! She plays a teacher who suffers from Tourette syndrome, which makes her hiccup regularly. How she overcomes her weaknesses in the face of ridicule is a treat to watch. Rani delivers a heart-warming performance in this honest and feel-good movie. Hichki leaves you with moist eyes and a lump in the throat.

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2. Sridevi in English-Vinglish (2012)

A simple, middle-aged housewife isn’t confident of speaking in English. She decides to learn the language when she goes to New York to attend a wedding. It’s an almost clichéd story about a woman trying to regain her self-esteem. What makes it memorable is Sridevi’s performance. She excels in her role of an unassuming, flawed but self-confident woman. Her restrained speech at the end is bound to give you goosebumps! English-Vinglish garnered rave reviews both from critics and audiences for her performance.

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3. Madhuri Dixit in Aaja Nachle (2007)

Madhuri Dixit returned to the arc lights after five years with Aaja Nachle.The dance drama was a treat for die-hard Madhuri fans. She plays a dance teacher who scripts a musical with a group of oddballs. Madhuri is dazzlingly charming and breezes through the movie with her trademark grace. To say the least, she was spectacular! Madhuri proved that she could still carry a movie on her graceful shoulders.

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4. Juhi Chawla in Gulaab Gang (2014)

Gulaab Gang saw Juhi Chawla’s return to the silver screen, but in a negative role. The movie features a band of women who fight against social injustice. Juhi plays a crooked politician who tries to gain mileage from their activities. She shone in her villainous avatar and how! Her wickedness actually makes you despise her. Her confrontations with Madhuri Dixit are the highlights of the movie.

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5. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in Jazbaa (2015)

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan made a solid comeback with this remake of the South Korean movie Seven Days. Her compelling performance was perhaps the only reason to watch Jazbaa. Aishwarya plays a lawyer who reluctantly defends her client to save her kidnapped daughter. This wasn’t a glamorous role but she still managed to look a zillion bucks.

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6. Kajol in Dilwale (2015)

Who doesn’t love the Shahrukh Khan- Kajol pairing? The hit pair renewed their chemistry for this crime caper. Kajol looks smashing and svelte; it’s as if she did Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge just yesterday! The movie tanked at the box-office but Kajol proved that she’s as bubbly as ever. And what can you say about Shahrukh and Kajol’s on-screen chemistry? Evergreen and sparkling!

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7. Tabu in Haider (2014)

Tabu had a forgettable outing earlier in the year in Salman Khan’s Jai Ho. But it was Haider that was her actual comeback movie. And boy, did she shine in this role that was tailor-made for her! The powerhouse performer gave a masterclass on portraying a woman with different shades of grey. As a viewer, you didn’t know whether to love Tabu, hate her or sympathise with her. Undoubtedly, one of her best performances, Tabu underlined her acting pedigree with Haider.
Welcome back, ladies! We missed you a lot!

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