9 reasons why your neighbourhood shopkeeper is the best in town

Some of the many things we end up dealing with, when our friendly shopkeepers treat us like family.

1. When you listen to him rant for 10 minutes straight and agree with him, despite having no idea what he’s talking about.
2. When you’re in a rush but she asks how your family is, and proceeds to narrate her entire life story.
3.When your shopkeeper tries his best to sell you something ‘new’ & ‘exciting’ and you have no option but to take it.
4.Her reaction when you give her exact change.
5.When Shopwale Uncleji has an extremely one-derful story to tell you and gets all serious.
6.When you are her favourite customer and she has some treats kept aside just for you.
7.When he’s cool with you not having change because he knows adjust ho jayega.
8. Filling you in on all the local gossip seems like part of her job and she takes a lot of pride in it. But hey, who’s complaining?
9.His display of gratitude when you have enough chillar to pay.
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