9 reactions that prove LEGO Batman is the best Batman

Published on 27th Jul 2017 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

He’s the greatest hero ever built, LEGO Batman is the caped crusader we both want and need. Here are the perfect reactions from the movie to instantly brighten your day.

1. When you need that extra push to get through the day.
2. When you find out your besties brought you cake when you’re having a rough time.
3. When you and the squad get ready to roll out.
4. Ready for a night out on the town? Of course you are!
5. When you bring in the weekend with an epic Friday night!
6. When you have to admit that your friend won fair and square.
7. When someone says they like you, but you want to act all cool about it.
8. When you know that you just made it out off the defaulter’s list in college.
9. When you want to be the star of the show!

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