9 life lessons to learn from The LEGO Ninjago Movie

Published on 09th Dec 2020 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

The young ninjas of Ninjago city are an excited lot who have ventured out to save their city from an evil mastermind called Lord Garmadon. Let’s look at the unique things about each character that stand out and that each one of us can learn from.

1. Leaders create leaders, not followers

A character central to the plot, Llyod displays the traits of a good leader by showing immense compassion to his team members and helping them realize their true potential. While we may not be a fan of his hairstyle, we will certainly stand by these leadership traits and spread the message: “Be Green”.

2. Always have a reality check

The simple yet strong Cole, is a ninja who can’t live without music. While Cole seems your go-to person, he is careful with the choice of words in his conversation. Often described as “a man of few words”, Cole’s feet are on the ground even when his confidence touches the skies. Being earth in this case is to have a reality check of ourselves and our surroundings.

3. Right preparation is half the battle won

Lord Garmadon seems to have mastered the art of relentless pursuit of victory. A mastermind, he chooses to use his great planning skills for evil purposes all while teaching us that you should never go to your battles without the right weapons and armour.

4. Use your resources wisely

Being a shy ninja, Jay refrains from having long conversations. But wait, don’t doubt him just yet, for he comes through in the battlefield and zaps his opponents like a live wire. And that is the best thing about him—he uses his energy wisely and at the right time—something we all can incorporate into our personalities. So be lightning, and strike when it’s best.

5. Be Compassionate

Playing with fire, you would think Kai is a really serious person. But that’s not really the case, for Kai is extremely compassionate and is often ready with hugs. Being fire in his case would be to have a warm heart full of compassion for everyone.

6. Find the balance between your head and heart

The strong and independent Koko has faced life’s biggest problems and still never let her smile disappear in the face of adversities. She learnt a great deal from past yes, but she also understands people and accepts them with their flaws.

7. Be flexible in thoughts and flow like water

Nya’s focused attitude gets her really close to her goals. But what is also commendable is the fact that she hasn’t sacrificed her soft side while keeping the competitive mode on. In her case, being water is being comfortable with different people and adjusting to different situations.

8. You’re never too old to be young

Master Wu is a living example how one should never being monotonous with their routine. Complacency is the enemy of enthusiasm and without enthusiasm, you are already old. So to be masterful, is to be enthusiastic and passionate.

9. Your happiness depends only on you

We all aspire to fit in and more often that not, we associate our happiness to fitting in and getting social acceptance. But Zane, on the other hand, shows us how to be happy with your own company and to not yearn for acceptance. In Zane’s case, it can be said that being ice is to be strong and happy with what you have.


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