9 female celebs who changed the world

Published on 23rd Sep 2020 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

These women are each an inspiration in their own right, achieving greatness through hard work and dedication, they have become icons for young women everywhere.

1. The beauty who’s turned heads with her stunning performances and personality.

2. Human rights campaigner, evergreen and splendid actress.

3. Miss Universe was just her first step to greatness.

4. From Bollywood to Hollywood, she’s out there to break boundaries.

5. The woman who single handedly united us for the Olympics.

6. Tennis sensation who brought the love of tennis back into the Indian society.

7. Soap opera creator and now Queen of Television.

8. From the nerdy girl in Hum Paanch to the bold persona of Silk Smitha, she can carry it all.

9. Badminton superstar and an inspiration to the young.

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