8 unseen photographs from Bollywood past that will take you down memory lane

Published on 09th Dec 2020 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

Hindi cinema has covered many milestones, told many stories and hidden some great secrets. We dug out a few for you to relive the era all over again.

1. Lataji with Dev Anand and RD Burman in what looks like a song rehearsal for a movie.

2. And ACTION! A candid shot from the shoot of Mahurat.

3. Mehmood is all laughs with his friends in this picture.

4. Seems like a much needed break from a hard day of work. Shashi Kapoor is seen relaxing in between takes.

5. The man behind modern cinema, Yash Chopra, and the evergreen Rakhi behind the scenes of a shoot in progress.

6. Curious bystanders and extras wait eagerly for the shoot to resume.

7. Big B is being told how to approach the scene perfectly. Or it could just be the director telling him how high the expectation for the movie release really is.

8. Zeenat Aman fresh out of a shore-side shoot looking drenched and tired after the shot.


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