75 ways the internet wished Big B for his 75th birthday

Amitji would’ve been overwhelmed with such lovely wishes that he got for his 75th birthday. We complied the best SEVENTY FIVE!! wishes to showcase our gratitude for the superstar!

1. It became quite evident that fans remembered him for what mattered the most.Check:http://bit.ly/2gy43Tq

2. Creative brains were put to use to wish the legend.Check: http://bit.ly/2ydQgsO

3. Love showered in the form of prayers for the star. Check: http://bit.ly/2gxciyT

4. Home-made art by kids were an icing on the cake. Check: http://bit.ly/2wPeqIp

5. Fans sent their love in creative ways to make the day even more special.

6. Fans just couldn’t get enough of Big B on his Big Day.

7. There were fans who shared blogs, where they poured all their love with lots of words.

8. Fans took their time out to write how they draw inspiration from the legend.

9. Some fans remembered how he inspired them to see the world more.

10. #BigBkaBday gave fans a good reason to pour their heart out about what makes Big B their favourite.

11. And there were well-wishers wishing for nothing but happiness for the actor and his family. Check: http://bit.ly/2hD2rrd

12. It truly justifies why he’s a legend.

13. Then there were wishes such as these. Check: http://bit.ly/2zhS5F6

14. Fans got all poetic to make it even more special.
15. Some wishes were very simple and direct.
16. A wish so adorable. Such loyal fans.

17. Fans also uploaded videos on YouTube with #BigBkaBday with his famous dialogues. Check: http://bit.ly/2yeJJxW

18. Fans made sure to send their family’s love with warm comments.
19. Fans were sure to drop some blessings and wishes in the comments.
20. And then there were references to his vibrant spectrum of acting enigma!
21. How can one overlook such a sweet and warm wish?
22. The best portrait of a birthday wish, ever, looks like this!
23. Because memories are never counted in years, but moments that are remembered!
24. Fans got creative and how!
25. It’s not just individual people who Big B inspires, but here is an entire family who is Big B crazy.

26. This sure is the most special wish Big B must have got.Check it here : http://bit.ly/2ygtd0w

27. Sometimes a simple yet genuine ‘Happy Birthday’ can go a long way. Check: http://bit.ly/2yeA7mM

28. Can it get any more cooler than this?
Check it here : http://bit.ly/2gyLnTz

29. Nothing says special like the colour purple that symbolizes royalty and sophistication, two things the Big B has.
30. We’re sure Big B more than appreciates the wishes he has received today.

31. While wishing the star, how can we forget his best dialogues? Dubsmash videos came to the rescue.
Check: http://bit.ly/2kHTl0Z

32. Does a better wish even exist?

33. Wishing Big B in his own voice.
Check it here: http://bit.ly/2hCbSHa

34. Some posts flooded with wishes for the legend’s well-being.
35. The ever green superstar’s ever green fan showering his love.
36. Just a simple birthday wish. Who says it won’t make a difference.

37. Talk about passion! Looks like these fans have plenty of it! Watch their performance here: http://bit.ly/2xBa8nP

38. Wishes that were way too pun-ny!

39. Birthday cards with tons of decoration were made for Big B. Check: http://bit.ly/2kJDQ8Q

40. And the sweetest fan award goes to.
41. #BigBkaBday gave Big B fans a creative platform to express their love for the star.
42. What’s a Big B’day without a Big Cake?
43. When being an inspiration is what you’re remembered for.
44. A wonderful sketch to celebrate a wonderful man.

45. A pure wish, quite literally.
Check it here :http://bit.ly/2xAMSpT

46. Fans used dubsmash to recall some of Big B’s best dialogues. Check :http://bit.ly/2kJ6xTi

47. One star, many faces. And his fans love that bit about him.Check it here : http://bit.ly/2z1h1Qm

48. What can be more sweeter than a super sweet looking cake?

49. Some birthday wishes flew in with Hindi shayaris.
Check: http://bit.ly/2yGfALd

50. With such a special birthday wish, the day definitely got wonderful.

51. Our heart goes out to such a cute musical wish.
Check it here :http://bit.ly/2yhFzYc

52. And the rhyme game winner is!

53. This loyal fan wished Big B with her lovely voice. You can listen to it here: http://bit.ly/2yjotZJ

54. Some fans were quite expressive in their wishes, hoping for good health and long life to Big B

55. Throughout the nation, Big B has been an inspiration to all the lives he has touched through his films.

56. Just like Big B, his fans also pull off double roles. Watch the video here: http://bit.ly/2yeMijt

57. As simple a wish as it can get.

58. Big B’s birthday has inspired countless works of art that have immortalized the star. Here is one of them: http://bit.ly/2i88DuZ

59. Looks like everyone wanted an invite to Big B’s birthday! Watch the video here: http://bit.ly/2yeAujA

60. One of the many things Big B is known for are his memorable dialogues that have inspired an entire generation of moviegoers.

61. Despite their daily lives, many people took the time out to wish the legend on his birthday.
62. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so one clever fan decided on a picture of words.

63. Some enthusiastic fans had the idea to bring some birthday cheer with their own special twist. Watch this crazy fan’s video here: http://bit.ly/2xBtx7P

64. We all wish him a long and happy life now, too!
65. Poets, artists and singers. Big B brings people from all walks of life together.
66. This poem proves that Big B just gets better with age!
67. One actor, countless roles. He just brings more surprises with age.
68. Elegant & brilliant, there are a few actors in Bollywood who could match his legendary status.

69. We even had some wishes from some eager KBC fans. It’s like everywhere you look, you’ll see Big B. He’s a little like Batman that way. Watch the video here: http://bit.ly/2ybWLi6

70. Now that inspires us as well.
71. Here to many more years of Amitabh Bachchan and his legendary presence on screen and in our lives!
72. Some days are more special than others, and today is one of them. Here’s to you, Big B.
73. For a man with many faces, here is a wish from an adoring fan.

74. Big B would surely be glad.Check it here : http://bit.ly/2xAywpC

75. They say celebs bring out the best of art in us! Check out this brilliant piece of art!