7 Bollywood Actors in Short Films

Published on 09th Dec 2020 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

In feature-length films, an actor has the luxury of time to showcase how he is justifying every aspect of a character. But, in short films, an actor has to directly dive into the character from the beginning only. And, these Bollywood big names have nailed it every bit. 

1. Jackie Shroff

The Jaggu Dada of Bollywood, Jackie Shroff came out of his comfort zone to play a middle-aged husband in 'Khujli' who discovers BDSM for the first time in his life. As he tries to rekindle his sex life with his wife, we can clearly see the pure innocence on his face, filled with curiosity

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2. Manoj Bajpai

We all have witnessed the versatility of Manoj Bajpai on the big screen. But, he shines equally in shorts like Ouch and Kriti. In Taandav, he plays a police constable who is struggling financially. And, to release his frustration, he literally does Taandav while on duty 

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3. Naseeruddin Shah

This Bollywood legend has acted in many shorts like Pinjra, Skin of Marble, Rogan Josh, etc. But, in Interior Cafe, he is an eternal lover who gets a second chance to win back his love. And, this time, the lover takes the leap

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4. Shefali Shah

She has amused us with her acting in movies like Satya, Monsoon Wedding, The Last Lear, and Gandhi, My Father to name a few. In the short film Juice, she plays a hardworking housewife who dares to express the right of a woman without uttering a word at a party reeking of male dominance

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5. Radhika Apte

No other actor slips into its character's shoes like Radhika Apte. She has starred in many shorts -- Kriti, Phobia, Lust Stories, and That Day After Everyday. In Ahalya, she is a puzzle who is filled with love, lust, and mysteries. And, one can't simply escape from her rock-solid love

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6. Tisca Chopra

From a housewife who knows how to take revenge on her cheating husband in 'Chhuri' to a homely lady telling a chilling story in 'Chutney', Tisca Chopra aces the short film game

Tisca Chopra
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6. Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Today, he is known as one of the finest actors in Bollywood. But, long before this stature, he has proven his mettle as an actor in shorts like Bypass, Recycle Mind, Salt 'N' Pepper, Liar's Dice, Patang, Mehfuz, etc. Recently, he was seen in a Nandita Das directed short 'In Defence of Freedom' where he is voicing for freedom of expression as Manto

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