6 reasons why you should start watching Korean drama!

Published on 30th Oct 2020 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

Have you been hit by the Hallyu, yet? For the uninitiated, Hallyu means the Korean wave. It refers to the craze for South Korean shows, music and films which is currently spreading across the globe.
Remember Gangnam Style by PSY? Released in 2012, this song had all of us on our feet doing the famous horse dance! This song introduced the world to K-pop and sparked the craze for other South Korean dramas and films. 
Korean drama is a hot topic on many video streaming sites and on Tata Sky World Screen as well. So why this sudden craze for K-drama? Let’s find out: 

1. Diverse genre

There’s a variety of choices to suit every taste, the most popular being romantic comedies. You can also opt for heavy melodrama if you like. Other options include fantasy, action, sci-fi, historical, crime, comedy, horror, among others.

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2. Acting prowess

Most of the shows have talented actors who justify their respective roles. This makes it all the more interesting to watch. They emotionally connect with the viewers, which makes it easy for us to relate to their situation. 

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3.Appealing story-line

This is the most important ingredient for the success of a show. And, much to our joy, many Korean shows have aced this. Family values and relationships are given importance in these shows. A good learning or two for us! 

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4. Short and sweet

If you hate shows which go into season after season, then K-drama is for you. Their stories are short with around 16 to 20 episodes only and the storyline builds up very well. And they have mastered the art of cliff-hanger endings. You just cannot wait to watch the next episode! Also, better yet, you can catch up and watch the entire story in one night! 

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5. Family-friendly

Most Korean shows can be watched with your family. You won’t find couples going beyond holding hands or, at the most, a peck on the cheek. What better way than to enjoy with your family, isn’t it? 

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6. Rocking music

The icing on the cake is the K-pop music these shows churn out. It’s catchy, addictive, uplifting, relatable, fun to hear and what not! 

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