6 Fun and creative ways to keep your kids entertained at home

Published on 11th Dec 2020 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

Everyone loves a good vacation, especially when it means no school and a lot of time for fun! Children especially look forward to vacation time, but for parents, it can prove a challenge to keep occupied.  
If you and your kids are still in vacation mode, here are some fun activities you can indulge in together:

1. Face painting

Who doesn’t want to be the next superhero, a king of the jungle or even a mischievous fairy looking out to play? Maybe a funny clown, a quiet little mouse, or even a majestic dragon, the choices are aplenty.  With a little bit of  creativity, you can bring your child’s inner muse to life! All you need is a good paint brush, safe face paints or even colourful make up. Don’t forget to remove the face paints with a cream or baby oil.

Face Painting
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2. Nail art

Putting art on your children’s fingertips is the new definition of nail art. This is also one way to keep those little fingers in place for some time. Simply opt for different colours, or get more adventurous with intricate spirals or themes. Turn those canvases into minute stars, water drops, polka dots, clouds, unicorns, cupcakes or even cute animals. 

Nail Art
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3. Origami

Origami is the ancient Japanese art of paper folding. With the right instruction and folds, you can easily transform a sheet of paper into a hat, a bunny, cat or even a horse. While it might seem complicated, it is actually very easy once you follow the instructions. It will also teach your child the art of patience, which will be rewarded with a beautiful art piece. 

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4. Kirigami

Kirigami is another art form that involves paper and is similar to origami. In this form, you not only fold paper, but cut it, to create a unique piece of art. With simple instructions, you can easily create a unique snowflake, flowers, sun bursts, stars or even hearts. 

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5. Bookmark making

Books are the ideal way to get your child interested in developing the habit of reading. Bookmark making is a great tool to get them interested in books, especially since the stories can inspire their creativity. So, go ahead and help them create their very own personalised book marks for their favourite books, poems, stories or more. All you need is simple art supplies such as paper, glue, crayons or pencils, and let their imagination go wild!

Bookmark making
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YouTube- DIY with Anna

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