6 DIY Mother’s Day Craft Ideas To Surprise Your Mom

Published on 04th May 2021 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

MOTHER- Motivator, Outstanding, Tender, Helpful, Extraordinary, Reliable. A mom is all this and a lot more. With a smile on her face, she does everything she can for her children. A mom is synonymous with love and care and, at the same time, strong and fierce. She is truly the Wonder Woman of our life! 

For someone as unique and special as a mom, the gift has to be thoughtful and special too. Mother’s Day is just around the corner and if you are confused about how to make your mother feel special, then we have some unique, well-thought Mother’s Day craft ideas that will make your mom feel oh-so-loved!

DIY Hanging Planter

If your mom is a fan of plants, then DIY Hanging Planter is one of the best DIY Mother’s Day Gifts! This DIY Hanging Planter can beautify the indoors of your home and can also help declutter your garden. It is a perfect homemade Mother’s Day gift apt for compact spaces. To make one of the most useful DIY gifts for mom, follow the steps below-

Material Required:

  • Scrap Wood
  • Terracotta Pots
  • Plants or Herbs
  • Rope
  • Metal Ring
  • Drill and ⅜ inch bit
  • Jigsaw
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint of your choice


  1. Start by placing a pot upside down on the wood. Measure and mark a square around the pot, leaving a 1-inch border on the sides. For example- If you use 4 inches to 4.25 inches pots for this DIY Hanging Planter, then draw four 6.25 inches x 6.25 inches squares on the wood and cut them with a chop saw.
  2. To create a cavity for the pots to sit in, first, trace the top of the pot in the centre of the wood. Then draw another circle that is ¼ inches smaller inside the first circle. You can use a ramekin or a jar lid to do the same.
  3. Now, with a ⅜ inch drill, create holes in the circle so you could fit the jigsaw blade inside. Then, using the jigsaw, cut around the circle until the piece pops out. Insert the pots in this cavity.
  4. Next, drill a hole in each corner of the wood with a ⅜ inch bit. This will be the hole where you will insert the rope for hanging the planter.
  5. With the help of sandpaper, sand down the wood squares to remove any splinters and paint or stain them. If you desire, you can paint the pots or leave them as they are.
  6. While assembling, do keep in mind that the size of your hanger will depend on the quantity and size of the pots being used, so adjust the dimensions as needed.
  7. Cut four 6 foot pieces of rope and thread them through the holes of one wood square. Tie a knot in each rope underneath the wood to hold it in place. This will be the bottom piece.
  8. Tie another knot in each rope about 10 inches to 12 inches above the last knot. Add the next wood square and slide it down to rest on the knots you just created. Repeat this process until all your wood pieces are in place. Adjust as needed.
  9. The DIY Hanging Planter is ready! Choose a beautiful corner for your mom to display.
DIY Hanging Planter
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DIY Embroidery Hoop

Embroidery is a favourite hobby of many moms all around the world. They love spending time embroidering handkerchiefs, table mats, stoles and what not! For this very reason, a DIY Embroidery Hoop makes for a thoughtful homemade Mother’s Day gift. It is one of the quickest and easiest DIY gifts for mom that can be made with a handful of material found at home. Follow the steps below to make one of the best DIY Mother’s Day Gifts-

Material Required:

  • Plastic Container with Lid / Round Takeaway Box
  • Cutter
  • Scissor
  • Wire / Pipe Cleaners
  • Duct Tape


  1. First, use a marker to mark ½ cm in from the raised edge of the lid and ½ cm from the raised edge of the container.
  2. With a help of a cutter, carefully cut along the marked lines.
  3. Once done, you can either choose to smoothen the edges by filing or by covering it up with duct tape.
  4. Now, to use it, place your fabric face-up over the cut-out of the container, positioning the part you want to work on in the centre. 
  5. Then place the cut-out lid over the bottom. Fix it properly until the two pieces 'click' together.
  6. The DIY Embroidery Hoop is ready!
DIY Embroidery Hoop
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DIY Bookshelf

DIY BookshelfWe are certain that your mom has many recipe books just laying around in almost every corner or available space in the house. A DIY Bookshelf for all her recipe books makes for a good homemade Mother’s Day gift. This DIY Bookshelf is one of the best DIY Mother’s Day Gifts as it is not only useful but beautiful as well. It is one of the simplest DIY gifts for mom that will certainly add charm and enhance the ambience of your home. Follow the instructions below to make a DIY Bookshelf for your mom-

Material Required:

  • 2 inches by 1 inch Wood Boards - 2
  • Metal Brackets - 2 per shelf
  • Electric Sander / Sandpaper


  1. Cut your wood boards into four pieces - 36 inches long each.
  2. Now, with the help of sandpaper or an electric sander, smoothen the surface of the boards.
  3. Next, mark 8 inches in from the edges of your board from both sides. Drill your metal brackets on the boards.
  4. Your Bookshelf is now ready! Find the perfect space to hang this DIY Bookshelf. Make sure that you drill it evenly on the wall.
DIY Bookshelf
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Handmade Card on Mother’s Day

Nothing beats a Handmade Card on Mother’s Day! It is simple yet so full of emotions. You can easily convey what you feel for your mom with this homemade Mother’s Day gift. It is one of the simplest and less time-consuming DIY Mother’s Day Gifts. Follow the instructions below to make one of the best and all-time favourite DIY gifts for mom-
Material Required:


  • Red Construction Paper
  • Pencil
  • Print Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Ribbon / Yarn
  • Drawing Supplies - Crayons, Pencils, Markers, Glitter Pens, Stickers, etc.


  1. First, draw a heart template on paper and cut it out.
  2. Next, fold a sheet of print paper in half. Fold it in half again. Place the cut-out heart template at the corner of the folded print paper and trace it with a pencil. Cut along the lines of the heart on the print paper.
  3. Next, unfold the cut-out print paper. You will get a ‘4 leaf clover’ shape.
  4. Inside, write a nice message for your mom or you could even choose to draw something.
  5. Next, fold it in half. Repeat this process with as many print papers as you like.
  6. With precision, push the “side hearts” of the half-folded hearts, inside.
  7. Apply glue on one side of the heart and place another heart shape on it. Repeat this process for all the heart shaped pieces made.
  8. Once done, trace 2 hearts with the cut-out heart template on the red construction paper and cut.
  9. Now, stick a long ribbon across the centre of the white heart and place the red heart on top. Repeat the process on the other side. Cut the ribbon and tie a bow at the top.
  10. Add a message for your mom over the red heart.
  11. Your handmade card is ready! 
Handmade Card on Mother’s Day
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DIY Floral Bath Bombs

    Being a mom is a full-time job and it sure gets stressful. Give your mom some time to destress and relax with these DIY Floral Bath Bombs. It is one of the most thoughtful DIY Mother’s Day Gifts that can help express to your mom how much you appreciate all that she does for you. To make this homemade Mother’s Day gift, all you need are some simple supplies and you are all set! Follow the instructions below to make one of the best DIY gifts for mom-

Material Required:

  • ½ cup Baking Soda
  • ¼ cup Citric Acid
  • ¼ cup Epsom Salt
  • 2 tbsp Cornstarch
  • 12 to 15 drops of Rose Fragrance or Essential Oil
  • 1 to 1½ tbsp Olive Oil or Vegetable Oil
  • Silicone Flower Mould
  • Dried Flowers


  1. Incorporate all dry ingredients into a bowl and whisk to combine.
  2. A little at a time, mix the liquid ingredients into the dry ones with a whisk. You’ll know you’ve reached the right consistency when the mixture barely holds together (like while making a sandcastle)
  3. Press the mixture into the silicone mould with your fingers. Make sure it is packed tightly.
  4. Leave it to dry for at least 2 hours. The bath bombs are ready once they are hard enough to not break while pressing.
  5. Once dry, carefully remove from the mould.
  6. Wrap in cute bags as gifts!
DIY Floral Bath Bombs
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DIY Marbled Clay Dish

    Gift your mom a stylish DIY Marbled Clay Dish this Mother’s Day! It is one of the most beautiful DIY gifts for mom that is useful in safekeeping jewellery. This homemade Mother’s Day gift also makes a great addition to the dressing table. Follow the instructions below to make one of the best DIY Mother’s Day Gifts-

Material Required:

  • White, Black and Coloured Oven Bake Clay
  • Plastic Clay Knife
  • Small Microwave-Safe Bowl
  • Gold Liquid Gilding and Paintbrush
  • Rolling Pin
  • Large Can / Jar
  • Glaze


  1. Roll each colour of clay that you want to use into a snake snape about 5 inches long. Use sufficient clay to form a 6 inches circle.
  2. Combine the smaller rolls into one big roll and twist together.
  3. Roll the large twist into the shape of a snake about twice the original length to combine the colours. Twist the ends opposite ways after every few motions to give the colours more of a candy cane look. Once it’s twice the length, fold the snake in half and twist the two ends together. Repeat the rolling, folding, twisting, and rolling again process 2-3 times.
  4. Smoosh all the clay into a ball. You want to see most of your colours on the surface of the ball, so pull the ball in half and re-smoosh together if you don’t.
  5. With the help of a rolling pin, roll out your marbled ball. The colours should blend and create a marbled pattern as you roll over it. Try rolling in different directions, from the edge, from the centre, etc. to even out the clay from different angles. Roll it to ¼ inch of thickness.
  6. Use a round item about 6 inches wide as a template and cut out your dish circle with a clay knife.
  7. Place your circle gently into an oven-safe bowl that is a little smaller than your circle so it will sag a little in the centre and give you more of a dish shape. Bake the bowl according to the temperature on the clay package. Remove the bowl from the oven and allow the clay to cool before turning the larger bowl upside down and tapping lightly until the clay dish falls out.
  8. Once the clay is completely cool, use a small brush to paint the rim of the dish and allow the paint to dry. Seal the dish with a glaze if you desire.
DIY Marbled Clay Dish
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