5 Title Contenders this EPL

Published on 09th Dec 2020 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

Twenty worthy contenders will line up their best men to stake their claim on the title in this new edition of EPL. Every club will want to make a fiery opening and sustain the momentum throughout the year to prove its worth, and hopefully, take the title at the end of it all. Who will be crowned champion this year? Our bets are on these five:

1. Tottenham Hotspur

Recently, the Spurs haven been consistently performing well. They made it to the semi-finals in 2016-17 and were among the top three on the points table in the 2017-18 league. Now, with Harry Kane and a brilliant goalkeeper like Hugo Lloris among their ranks, the fans have started to expect more. A lot depends on the manager Pochettino’s transfer plans: The man has kept the team spirited till now. It will be interesting to see if his line-up can spur the Spurs to the championship.

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2. Arsenal

The club has seen both good and bad days, but always had potential. 13 top-flight titles and holding the record for the most FA cup wins show what they can achieve. But their last performance was slightly disappointing, and bidding goodbye to their pillar Arsenal Wenger will be tough for the Gunners. This year expect them to go all out – Aubameyang’s effortless finishes and Lacazatte’s tackles will definitely spring some surprises. So, will the Gunners live up to their glory of 49 unbeaten?

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3. Chelsea

A new coach can bring all the changes. Sarri has taken the baton from Antonio Conte and is eager to prove his expertise. Jorginho will be his main man, since he has played under Sarri earlier and understands the coach’s ways. Pedro and Morata will surely become stronger under his guidance. Now we’ve to see if the new strategy will work well for the team or cost them the title.



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4. Manchester City

City just broke the record for the most consecutive wins (14) in the top-flight and that makes them a serious contender for the championship. Since their fall in 2016-17, coach Pep has reshaped the team to make them unstoppable and they will carry the same energy to the EPL. The man won with Barcelona in 2011, and is craving for another win. With recent transfer Riyadh Mahrez and the City’s guard Ederson Moraes, Pep will have a wealth of talent at his disposal to take the City to another title.

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5. Manchester United

The red army inherits the club from the legend Roger Hunt and this is why we expect miracles from them. An astounding record in penalty shootouts, winning 14 out of 18 since 1974, shows everything the team is capable of. They’re also in the talks for their transfer plans and they’re working hard in the preseasons. While the matches are on, we’ll get to see entertaining reactions of their coach Jose Mourinho and let’s hope they’re nothing but good.

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