5 Pilates routine at home to get your body toned this Diwali with Radhika Karle

Published on 09th Dec 2020 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

The big Diwali season is approaching and obviously, everyone wants to look their personal best during the entire celebration. Looking good doesn’t only mean wearing make-up and new clothes. It also means getting toned/in shape to look your personal best. Radhika Karle, the celebrity Pilates expert helps you get that toned look within months, so as to prepare yourself for the big day. For those who missed the live session that took place, here is a sneak peek of the amazing class we had. Catch the live session here: https://www.facebook.com/tatasky/videos/616185322112849/ It truly was a wonderful experience.

Note: These exercises are to be practised slowly and with patience to get the best results.

1.Single leg stretch:

Lying on the floor and stretching your legs, one at a time for toned belly

2.Double leg stretch:

Lying on the floor and stretching both your legs together without letting them touch the floor in order to tone your lower belly

3.Single straight leg stretch:

Raising your leg straight up, one at a time to help you get your legs in good shape

4.Double straight leg stretch:

Raise both your legs straight up in the sky and try to balance it that way without letting them touch the ground

5.Bicycle/ Criss Cross:

Just like riding a bicycle, move your legs in a circular motion, keeping your back straight and neck moving in the opposite direction

All these exercises help you tone your body in the best way possible, helping you get the look you want this Diwali. To watch more on lifestyle and workouts, tune in to our fitness  #110 on your TataSky set top box

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