5 must-watch thrillers in Kannada cinema

Published on 09th Dec 2020 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

Kannada filmmakers have always experimented with offbeat and unconventional themes. The suspense thriller genre never goes out of fashion and filmmakers in Kannada films too have experimented with this much-loved genre. Here’s looking at a few must-watch thrillers in Kannada cinema that received critical acclaim. 

1. Parajitha (1982)

Directed by S Siddalingaiah, it is one of the best suspense thrillers in which actor Srinivasamurthy played the lead protagonist. An edge-of-the-seat suspense thriller with a gripping storyline, the killer and motive of murders is revealed during the climax.

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2. Tarka (1989)

A cult movie based on Agatha Christie’s 1958 play ‘The Unexpected Guest’, the film had Shankar Nag, Devaraj and Vanitha Vasu. It won two awards in 1988-89 at the Karnataka State Film Awards: Best Screenplay (Sunil Kumar Desai) and Best Sound Recording (K. S. Krishnamurthy). Desai also won the 1989 Filmfare Award for Best Director – Kannada. 

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3. Shh (1992)

This suspense thriller was written and directed by Upendra and produced by Kumar Govind while Sadhu Kokila scored music. The film was well appreciated by critics and fans alike and the director was hailed for his ability to maintain the suspense element till the end.

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4. Aatagara (2015)

In this romantic thriller, 10 people from different walks of life including celebrities were lured in to participating in a television reality show and were left alone on an uninhabited island. Strange things happen and they get killed one by one. In this film, actor Chiranjeevi Sarja played a drug peddler Jai. The twists and turns in the plot make this film worth a dekko! 

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5. U Turn (2016)

This supernatural thriller produced and directed by Pawan Kumar starred Shraddha Srinath in the lead role and Roger Narayan, Dilip Raj and Radhika Chetan in supporting roles. The film was about the death of motorists who broke traffic rules in Bengaluru and subsequent pinning down of the culprit by an intern journalist and police inspector. Following the film’s fabulous response at the box-office, it was remade in Tamil and Telugu. 

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