5 must-watch Kaushik Ganguly films

Published on 15th Jul 2020 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

Kaushik Ganguly began his career as a telefilm director for ETV Bangla making relationship-based short films. In 2004, he directed his first feature film Waarish starring Debasree Roy and Sabyasachi Chakrabarty. From films like Khaad that celebrates the human spirit to Baastu Shaap, a psychological drama to Chotoder Chobi, which showcased the lives of people who are affected by dwarfism, Ganguly has a broad spectrum of stories. Here’s looking at some of his best films:

1. Bishorjan

This cross-border film stars Jaya Ahsan and Abir Chatterjee in lead roles. Padma, a lonely Hindu widow, finds an injured man near a river in Bangladesh. She brings him home but later finds out that he’s Nasir Ali, a small-time dealer in smuggled goods from India. The director himself played Ganesh Mondal, a local chieftain of considerable influence in the village. The film even got the National Award for best Bengali cinema. 

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2. Bijoya

Bijoya, a sequel, picks up the narrative a few years from where Bishorjan left off. An emergency medical situation brings Padma and Ganesh Mondal to Kolkata where she meets Nasir. Both are overwhelmed to see each other. 

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3. Drishtikone

Srimoti is a grieving widow who loses her husband to a fatal car accident. She hires a partially blind lawyer Jiyon to investigate the case. The love story portrays how their professional relationship turns personal over time. Prosenjit Chatterjee and Rituparna Sengupta star as the leads. Actress Churni Ganguly (Kaushik Ganguly’s wife) plays Chatterjee’s on-screen spouse. 

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4. Cinemawala

An old film exhibitor struggles to keep his theatre from being demolished as his celluloid projection standard becomes outdated in this digital era. The film is a tribute to the vanishing single-screen theatres. Cinemawala has been well-appreciated in various festivals across the world – UNESCO Fellini Award at IFFI 2015, the New York Indian Film Festival 2016 and IFFI Delhi, to name a few. 

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5. Apur Panchali

Pather Panchali was Satyajit Ray’s directorial debut made in 1955 based on Bibhuti Bhushan Bandyopadhyay’s famous story. But in Kaushik Ganguly’s film, the main protagonist is Subir Banerjee – the little boy who played the role of Apu in Ray’s iconic film. The film traces the parallel between reel and the real as he progresses through youth, adulthood and later life.

Apur Panchali
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6. Khaad

A group of travelers are stranded in a forest after their bus falls into a ravine. What happens after that and is there ever a way out? Khaad is said to have one of the most stunning endings in a Bengali movie.  So, make sure you watch the film for that.

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