5 Indian rappers who have become a global sensation

Published on 01st Nov 2019 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

Through Gully Boy, we all witnessed how Rap music has become the ultimate outlet for emotions. Here’s a list of rappers who set the rap industry on fire with their unique style.   

1. Naved Shaikh a.k.a Naezy

Naezy the Baa (Crazy) shot his debut rap ‘Aafat’ on an iPad in 2014 and earned millions of views on YouTube. This Mumbai-based Hindi/Marathi rapper grew up in the slums of Kurla. His upfront lyrics will keep you hooked to his songs, which usually revolve around the struggles of life, cut-throat competition and believing in self. Naezy collaborated with the US hip-hop star Nas for his new track ‘NY se Mumbai’. The famous movie Gully Boy is inspired by his life. 

Check out his YouTube channel here 

Naved Shaikh a.k.a Naezy
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2. Vivian Fernandes a.k.a DIVINE

Vivian started out as an underground rapper in 2011. He shot to fame after collaborating with Naezy on the song ‘Mere Gully Mein.’ His famous singles include ‘Voice of the streets’, ‘Jungli Sher’, ‘Farak’ and ‘City Slums.’ ‘Kohinoor’ his latest album has become the buzz in the rap world.

He has also created promotional music for brands like Bacardi, Budweiser, Puma, Red Bull, etc., and for movies like Gully Boy, Mukkabaz. He has won several international awards for creating a revolution in the hip-hop world.

Check his YouTube channel here

Vivian Fernandes a.k.a DIVINE
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3. Vighnesh Shivanand a.k.a Brodha V

This Indian songwriter and composer, combines Indian Classical music with ferocious rap lyrics. He has the title of being the fastest rapper in India. 

He has worked extensively with notable artists in the Bollywood industry. He started participating in rap battles on Orkut at the age of 18. Today, along with several awards and titles, he has worked with brands like OnePlus and Puma to create record breaking tracks. 

Check out his YouTube channel here  

Vighnesh Shivanand a.k.a Brodha V
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ED Times

4. Svetha Rao a.k.a Raja Kumari

This American-Indian songwriter from California is known for working with notable artists and bands like Gwen Stefani, Iggy, Fifth Harmony and Fall Out Boys. 

Her collaboration with Divine on City Slum garnered her the attention of Indian audience. She is known for her debut EP ‘The Come Up’ and ‘Bloodline’.

Check out her YouTube channel here 

Svetha Rao a.k.a Raja Kumari
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5. Bilal Shaikh a.k.a Emiway Bantai

Extremely popular for his rap battles, diss tracks and brazen lyrics, Emiway started out as a rapper when he got inspired by Eminem and Lil Wayne. His first rap ‘Aur Bantai’ gained popularity when he appeared on India’s Got Talent. Since then, he has been catering to his 8M fans on YouTube. Recently, he acted as well as sang the song ‘Asli Hip Hop’ in the movie ‘Gully Boy.’

Check out his YouTube channel here 

Bilal Shaikh a.k.a Emiway Bantai
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