5 Films From The Mumbai Film Festival That Redefine Love Stories

Published on 04th Oct 2017 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

Forget the stories of the rich boy that falls for the poor girl with a heart of gold. Love comes in more than 50 different shades and does not always have a happily ever after.
So cuddle up with your special someone and explore the many facets of love through good cinema. Tata Sky brings the best from the Mumbai Film Festival this October and November for #FilmFestAtHome!

Amma and Appa

1. Language: English, Tamil, German

Meeting the parents is always nerve wracking, as the two filmmakers Franziska Schönenberger and Jayakrishnan Subramanian can attest to. When they decided to get married, they made a documentary about their transcontinental love and the meeting between two sets of traditional parents.

Why watch?
Who needs Two States when you can have Two Countries? This is a real life love story that crosses borders with charm.

1. Language: Hindi
2. Awards: Best Actor- Filmfare Critics Award
Cast: Manoj Bajpayee, Rajkummar Rao, Ashish Vidyarthi

Based on the true story of professor Ramchandra Siras, this is a subtle yet powerful movie about a man whose career and life are disrupted because he is attracted to the “wrong” gender.
Why watch?
This is Manoj Bajpayee like you’ve never seen before- watch the toughie play a quiet and shy gay man who loves his whiskey and Lata Mangeshkar’s melodies.

1. Language: Hindi
2. Awards: Best Actor- New York Indian Film Festival
Cast: Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Shweta Tripathi, Irfan Khan

A teenage boy is in love with his classmate and tries to woo her with the help of his friend. The twist in the story? She happens to be having an affair with their teacher.
Why watch?
Even when the inappropriate affair makes you uncomfortable, the innocence and sincerity of the teenagers is moving.

Labour of Love
1. Language: English, Bengali
2. Awards: Best First Film of a Director – Indira Gandhi Award, Best Audiography – National Film Award
Cast: Basabdatta Chatterjee, Ritwick Chakraborty


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