The 5 most fantastic talents on Tata Sky’s #Talentainment

With the start of our latest offering on Instagram called ‘Talentainment’, Tata Sky has become a fun and entertaining handle on Instagram. And we had no idea that there are such talented people in our country who are equally active on Instagram. Read on to know our 5 best talents of February 2018.

1. Singing

India has always had an old and sweet connection to music. And looking at the melodious entries we received for #Talentainment, we can say that India is full of budding singers. While we loved the #Talentainment of many singers, Priti Menon’s voice stood out and she is this month’s Fantastic singer. You can listen to her entry here:

2. Dancing

The dancers on Instagram didn’t shy away from sharing their talent with #Talentainment and showed us some pretty awesome moves! One such dancer, Sadhwi Majumdar showed us her bharat natyam moves on an international track ‘Mi Gente’ and made us her fan. You can watch her #Talentainment here:

3. Acting

We were also overwhelmed to see so many Instagramers acting on some really difficult Bollywood scenes. Sanya Grover’s acting on an emotional scene from the movie ‘Dear Zindagi’ really impressed us. You can watch her #Talentainment here:

4. Sports

With #Talentainment, we also found lots of sports enthusiasts on Instagram. Chethan Anjaneya, a muay thai enthusiast, however impressed us the most with his dedication and hard work. Watch his talentainment here:

5. Comedy

It’s an understatement to say India is talented. While people took to their cell phones and uploaded their dancing, singing and acting videos with #Talentainment, we also received entries that made us laugh. Rashi Verma enacted a funny scene from Ae Dil Hai Mushkil and she is this month’s Fantastic comedian. Watch her #talentianment here: