5 Fantastic Footballers on #Talentainment

Published on 17th Jul 2018 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

Check out how we unearthed some of the really skilled freestyle footballers from our users and featured them on #Talentainment. Read on to know how they showcased their skills and tricks and won our hearts!Click Here

1. A really swift and talented Footballer who made everyone pause and watch carefully was Harriet from UK. Watch her entertaining Talentainment.

2. Another talented footballer is Puneet Dhundel, a RedBull StreetStyle Champion who managed to juggle and balance the football while switching some really difficult poses!

3. If Football dance were a real thing, Nikk showed us what it would look like. With Micheal Jackson’s painting in the background and a peppy track, check how Nikk showed us football skills and cool tricks.

4. A footballer who earned applause from both live and virtual audience, Tejas seems to be nailing the football skills. Watch this video to see how he keeps everyone entertained with his freestyle skills.

5. Mayur Makwana made the most difficult football stunts seem so easy. Look at how easily he pulls off a backflip catch not once, but twice!

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