5 countries you can visit without a passport.

Travel to countries all around the world without moving an inch from your couch.You could be nibbling on chocolate in Belgium or investigating a crime in Norway. It doesn’t matter, the World comes to your screen now, every day every night without fail.
Experience different cultures and different lands with the best of world cinema and television.
Here’s some of the sights we have in store for you:

1. From Belgium, Team Chocolate:This charming Flemish show is a winner in every respect. It breaks down disability without making a big hullabaloo about it, with the sweetest love story enacted by actors with learning disabilities. This is one show that is as feel-good as it is heart-warming and touching.

2. From Germany, Babylon Berlin:
This decadent period drama is one that is beloved all across the world and also one that would feature in 9 out of 10, top 5 ‘Best German Shows Ever’ lists. Set in the 1920s and backed with an ensemble cast directors dream of, this is a must-watch for TV show buffs.

3. From Norway, Mammon:
Dive into the world of Nordic Noir with this Norweigian favourite. Enter a world of convoluted twists and turns in an atmosphere where the suspense weighs in as dark and as moody as the narration.

4. From Israel, The Exchange Principle:
This Hebrew drama takes you on a crusade with an unlikely pair against the formidable close-knit Israeli police force. The Exchange Principle is guaranteed to leave you hooked and cheering the underdogs on.

5. From Sweden, Wallander:
Based on celebrated novelist, Henning Mankell’s books Wallander is a highly acclaimed English show set in a picturesque little town in Sweden. Visually stunning backed with an even more gripping storyline, Wallander is an experience you absolutely can’t miss.