5 classic sitcoms that still keep us in splits

Who doesn’t love sitcoms? Can there be anything better than lounging in the living room with your family and guffawing to your heart’s content? We love sitcoms, because of their amazing quality to lend comic and entertainment value to simple situations, making life seem better.
Indian television has seen many sitcoms over the years that have entertained viewers. Here, we revisit five sitcoms which have regaled audiences in the past and are enjoyed even today.

1. ShrimaanShrimati

How can we forget Rakesh Bedi’s brilliant rendition of the effeminate Dilruba who has a soft heart for his neighbour’s wife? The story of two husbands who always seek opportunities to flirt with their neighbour’s wives was entertaining and comic. An iconic sitcom, ShrimaanShrimati became very popular when it first aired on Doordarshanin the 1990s. It is popular even today and there are regular reruns of the episodes on television. With an excellent storyline and extraordinary performances by its lead actors, the situational comedy keeps viewers glued to their screens.

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2. TuTu Main Main

A daily soap with a comic twist! The constant bickering and one-upmanship between the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law made for an amusing spectacle. ReemaLagoo and Supriya Pilgaonkar played their parts as the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, respectively,with aplomb. Their witty conversations laced with tongue-in-cheek reparteesare amusing and entertaining.

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3. Dekh Bhai Dekh

The story of three generations of a family living under the same roof and going through confusions and misunderstandings give rise to a lot of funny moments. The characters and dialogues complement the situations perfectly.The casting of the show was brilliant, especially Farida Jalal as the affable elder daughter-in-law and Shekhar Suman as the hyper-active younger brother.

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4. Zabaan Sambhalke

A remake of the British sitcom ‘Mind your language’, ZabaanSambhalke was about an engineer who teaches Hindi to a group of students coming from different cultures and backgrounds. The instances of the students giving the teacher a culture chock and bumbling along while learning the nuances of the Hindi language keeps the audience in splits. Pankaj Kapur brings to comic life the role of the teacher who has to deal with the students bringing in their own interpretations of the Hindi language.

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5. Hum Paanch

This story of a father who always lands in trouble due to his five daughters’ histrionics made viewers squeal with laughter. The idiosyncrasies of the daughters are a treat to watch. Ashok Saraf excels in his role as the father who iscompletely driven nuts.

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