5 Box-office hits that have inspired the nation

East or west, India is the best! Love thy country! There are many ways to convey this simple message. But how to instill this feeling in an interesting and a novel way? Our filmmakers have nailed the art. They have made movies on patriotism that have stayed with audience forever. These films may not be out-and-out war movies or about India’s freedom struggle. These are stories that the youth find inspiring and can relate to. Here are some thought-provoking movies that have deepened our love for India. 

1. Raazi

This movie fills our hearts with patriotic pride for many reasons. Based on the life of Sehmat Khan, Raazi takes us through the journey of a real-life hero. She is a spy who risks her life for India. As viewers, you realise that one does not need to wear a uniform to fight the enemy. All you need is undying love for your country. That’s the spirit that Sehmat had, and Alia Bhatt portrays it very effectively. Raazi makes us value all the sacrifices which keeps our country safe and secure. 

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2. Rang De Basanti

This movie instantly connects with the youth. Friendships, love stories, songs and action – Rang De Basanti has it all! But what impresses the most is the innovative depiction of India’s freedom movement. Aamir Khan and his gang awaken the youth to stand for what is right, come what may. This film is about expressing yourself, voicing your opinion, and fighting against injustice. It’s basically a story of modern-day revolutionaries. 

Rang De Basanti
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3. Newton

Depicting an election scenario in a politically disturbed area, this movie is bang on! Newton gives a sneak peek into the challenges faced in making India truly democratic. It has shown the ground reality in a very simple, non-glamorous way. A quintessential Bollywood hero is a macho who fights, sings, dances and falls in love. But Rajkummar Rao in Newton does none of this. He is an honest government officer who sincerely performs his duties. Yet, he is a hero for many. Now that’s what we call uber cool! 

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4. Swades

Leaving the homeland for greener pastures abroad – is it really worth it? Well, that’s a constant conflict between the mind and the heart. This movie dealt with it so well that it made the viewers think. And no wonder it brought them – and Shahrukh Khan – closer to their roots. ‘Yeh jo des hai tera’, sung by the legendary A R Rahman, still gives us goosebumps. Swades is one masterpiece that we would all want to show to our future generations. 

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5. Uri: The Surgical Strike

The successful Uri attack in 2016 made our hearts swell with pride! This movie aptly depicts the heroic acts of our soldiers. It evokes a feeling of patriotism and makes you want to salute their courage. The story focusses on the operation – with no unnecessary drama or songs. It’s about our fight against a common global enemy – terrorism. It truly inspires us to do something for our nation. Vicky Kaushal’s energetic performance succeeds in keeping our ‘josh’ high! 

Uri: The Surgical Strike
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