4 family-oriented Gujarati plays that are a must add to your binge list today

Published on 30th Jun 2020 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

No family is without its own rib-tickling humour. Whether it’s a housewife teaching her family a lesson or a husband dealing with his comically overbearing spouse, the list can go on. Check out these top four family-oriented Gujarati plays that are a must-see today.

1. Ek Chatur Naar Bhaare Hoshiyaar

A homemaker is known to be the backbone of the family. After all, she takes care of her husband, her children, their home and so much more. But what happens when she is taken for granted? No doubt, a lesson to be learnt in humility and respect. Watch Ek Chatur Naar Bhaare Hoshiyaar, which stars Nimesh Shah, Mallika Shah, and Samir Rajda, among others. 

Ek Chatur Naar Bhaare Hoshiyaar
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2. Muthi UC Hero Manas

A family that dreams together will be happy together. This middle-class family is no different, especially with their daily struggles to fulfill their dreams and aspirations. Daddy dearest works hard to provide his family not only with the basic necessities, but also minor luxuries. But when confronted with a situation that demands more than he can provide in his lifetime, how does the family react? 

Muthi UC Hero Manas
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3. Hadh Karo Chho Hasubhai

Every family has their problems. But when a famous divorce lawyer’s son wants to separate from his domineering wife, what does he do? With his father least interested in helping him, the son goes one step ahead. He tries to get his father remarried in order to get a mother-in-law who can control his wife! What happens to his unsuspecting father and will his wife ever accept the mother-in-law? Tune in to find out!

Hadh Karo Chho Hasubhai
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4. Babo Aavyo Courier Ma

When a wife leaves for her home town, her husband and sons plan to make the most of her absence. But little do they know, a ‘small’ surprise threatens to ruin their plan! When they open a package that arrives at their door, they realise it’s a baby couriered to the father. The twist in the story? The letter accompanying the baby is addressed to the father but only mentions the surname! Who is the real father? Watch this hilarious play as the man and his sons try to solve the mystery and return the baby to its real father! 

Babo Aavyo Courier Ma
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