4 Chunky Pandey’s roles you just can’t miss!

90s was the era of multi-starrer, multi-hero films and it was also the era of supporting actors. The second fiddle had an equally important role to play and actors like Chunky Pandey owned every bit of it. Chunky Pandey was the quintessential supporting actor every 90s hero needed. His excellent comic timing and emphatic dialogue delivery added that extra action to the films. He played a loyal friend, a doting brother and off beat characters with equal panache.  
Here are four memorable roles of Chunky Pandey every Bollywood fan must see!    

1. Baban

This is by far Chunky Pandey’s most memorable role. He played Baban, the loyal friend to Anil Kapoor’s Munna in Tezaab. This role gave Chunky Pandey his first Filmfare nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

Chunky Pandey as Babban in Tezaab
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2. Munnu

He played Munnu to Govinda’s Bunnu in 1993’s biggest hit, Aankhen. The two play notorious brothers who take everyone for a ride with practical jokes. And in a twist of fate, one of their joke goes out of hand leading to Bunnu’s disappearance. Chunky Pandey and Govinda’s comic timing and chemistry has you in splits throughout the movie.

Chunky Pandey in Aankhen
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3. Akash Bharadwaj

 Chunky Pandey’s Akash Bharadwaj in Vishwatma was different than all his previous roles. He got a chance to play a serious character, one who seeks revenge for his brother’s death. For the role, Chunky channelled his inner ‘angry young man’ and how! The movie is one of Bollywood’s notable action-thrillers with actors such as Sunny Deol, Naseeruddin Shah and Divya Bharti.

Chunky Pandey’s Akash Bharadwaj in Vishwatma
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4. Aakhri Pasta

The Housefull series is a laugh riot! There’s not a single moment in all the three movies which is dull and boring. And Chunky Pandey’s Aakhri Pasta, the Italian mob, is the cherry on the cake.

Aakhri Pasta Chunky Pandey
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