3 DIY shampoo your hair will thank you for!

The monsoons are almost here and the air is about get more humid. And humidity equals frizz! Remember Monica’s frizzy hair in FRIENDS? It was the humidity!  

Humidity also makes hair weak and prone to dandruff. Using an organic shampoo is one way to care for your mane during this season. However, organic shampoos can be a little heavy on the pocket. But don’t you worry, we’ve got you covered. Try these DIY shampoos that you can make in a jiffy.

1. Aloe Vera shampoo

Mix ¼ cup of Aloe Vera gel with 1tsp of vegetable glycerine and ½tsp of vitamin E oil. Blend the mixture until it is homogeneous. Add ¼ cup of liquid soap and 7 to 8 drops of lavender oil. Mix it well and your shampoo is ready. Aloe Vera and glycerine nourish the hair and tame the frizz and dryness.

Aloe Vera shampoo
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2. Coconut oil shampoo

Coconut oil is known for its stickiness and using it in a shampoo doesn’t sound like a good idea. But it is one of the best oils to tame frizz and nourish damaged hair. Moreover, it helps in fighting dandruff. Mix 4tsp of coconut oil with ½cup glycerine in one bowl. In the other bowl, mix 1 cup of liquid soap and ½ cup coconut milk. Slowly add the oil mixture to the soap and milk mixture. Stir it to mix well and add eight to ten drops of lavender oil to it. The two mixtures tend to separate easily. Don’t forget to shake the shampoo bottle before use.

Coconut oil shampoo
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3. Apple cider vinegar

 Sometimes, the best way to cleanse your scalp of grease is to use apple cider vinegar. Mix one part of apple cider vinegar with two parts of water and rinse your hair thoroughly with it. It acts as a shampoo and a conditioner. It restores the natural pH of your hair and makes it supple and healthy.

Apple cider vinegar
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