2017 ke Entertainment Duniya ki #TaazaKhabar

2017 is indeed an unforgettable year. So many things happening around the world. While you are busy planning the New Year’s Eve, have a look at the events of the year.

1. We’re proud of the team, just like the entire nation
2. Well, the commando is a winner here too
3. *tring tring* Oscar calling
4. Indian beauty gleaming the international stage
5.We so wish we could get as lucky as the boss baby
6. The poster of the film ‘102 Not Out’ went crazy viral and kept us all intrigued
7. Ye Triple Talaq ab manzoor nahi
8. Talk about blockbuster of the year, here we have Bahubali for you!
9. Victory is what he is aiming for
10. Virat has been breaking all the unexpected records this year
11. The night was long and full of excitement when ice and fire met
12. Srideviji mastering the ‘MOM’ game too
13. Sahiti Pingali joins the elite group of people having their names named after stars and galaxy
14. Bhaijaan breaking the records throughout
15. Yet another platform to show the world, the power of Bollywood
16. The shaadi of the year award goes to…
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