16 years of Saathiya: Here’s why the film holds a special place in our heart

Published on 19th Oct 2018 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

One of the greatest hits of the generation starring Rani Mukherjee and Vivek Oberoi successfully finished 16 years today. though the film came out in the year 2002, its songs and storyline is still fresh in our heads. Lets relive and celebrate the joy that the film spread over the years.

Today, after 16 years of its release, Vivek Oberoi still rejoices the memories and says, “There is something evergreen about Saathiya. Though it's been 16 years, the film still evokes the same emotion”. And we totally agree with him

Vivek Oberoi_Saathiya
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Both the leads in the film make the reel life live story look more like a real life love story. The film is still fresh and beats any other modern romantic films ever made

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The film also made Vivek one of the best actors of that period. He proved himself with 2 simultaneous hits in the same year, another one being Ram Gopal Verma’s ‘Company’

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Even Rani excelled in her acting skills with this film, contributing equally for the success of the film. Vivek jokingly agrees that it wasn’t a bad decision to take up a romantic film during his initial days

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