15 years of Kal Ho Na Ho!

Published on 28th Nov 2018 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

As the film Kal Ho Na Ho completes 15 years today, Karan Johar becomes very emotional and talks about the film in detail. This one was the last film of his father Yash Johar, “Kal Ho Na Ho is very close to my heart, and it will always be” says an emotional Karan

Even after making such a great film that Kuch Kuch Hota Hai is today, Karan was not very happy with his work that year. Aamir Khan starrer Dil Chahta Hai and Lagaan had come out and those films got more recognition than KKHH

Kal Ho Na Ho
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That’s when he decided to write a fun film filled with drama and comedy and also a pinch of emotion that’d drive the audience crazy. The characters of Kantaben, Sweetu and Frankie Ramdayal are still noteworthy and remembered by all

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The film though written by KJo wasn’t directed by him. Nikhil Advani who was the debutant director that year was given the project. Turns out to be one of the most memorable films of the century!

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Kareena Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor were approached for the roles of Naina and her mother initially. But things didn’t work out well and later Preity Zinta and Jaya Bachchan were roped in for those characters. Even Abhishek Bachchan and Vivek Oberoi were asked to play the role of Rohit which was later given to Saif Ali Khan

15 Years Kal Ho Na Ho
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Though Kuch Kuch Hota Hai made the audience very emotional and people loved the film, it couldn’t manage to create the spark that Kal Ho Na Ho created back then. Its title track touched our heart, literally

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Soon after they started filming, SRK was very sick and nearly left the film. Nikhil suggested Karan that they should only start shooting again once SRK would recover. They hence resumed the shoot 6 months after that incident

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In an interview, Preity Zinta said, "It was one of those films that filled me with joy but it broke our hearts as well. It was a roller coaster ride... It is a timeless film. I am fortunate that I was a part of it”

Preity Zinta
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Karan posted a video of the film on his Instagram handle as he fondly remembers the KHNH times and shares about his memories that are still fresh in his head along with a cute behind the scene shot of himself!

Karan Johar
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