13 Reasons why this season of Big Boss is going to be like never before

Published on 09th Dec 2020 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

From location to contestants, everything about this season is going to take your mind on a roller coaster ride. Here’s what you should expect from the 13th season of Big Boss. 

1. Salman’s excited like never before.

At the recent launch, Salman revealed that he is extremely excited about this season of Big Boss as his lucky number also happens to be 13.
He hinted at the number of twists on the show this time. One can guess this from his words, "My best wishes to all the contestants who are about to take on this rollercoaster ride.”
It’s no surprise that Salman enjoys every bit of the drama at Big Boss; this year, he says, it’s going to be much more than the usual drama. 

Bigg Boss 13
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2. The mystery of Ameesha Patel’s entry

While Salman did not mention about Ameesha’s entry into the house, Ameesha hinted her involvement in the show by saying, “You’re going to see a lot of me on Bigg Boss.”

Sources close to Ameesha Patel reveal that she would not participate as a contestant but enter as the boss lady (maalkin)of the house assigning tasks to the contestants. 

Ameesha Patel in Bigg Boss 13
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3. The exciting interiors of the house

Art director, Omung Kumar has designed the interiors with meticulous eco-friendly choices. He revealed that the design is completely plastic free this time keeping in mind the environmental concerns.
He chose fibre, POP, etc., over thermocol and plastic so as to keep the interiors light and long-lasting. He also said that this consideration for the environmental health is significant and that he expects others to follow the same.
The visuals are vivid and vivacious. The entire area of 18,400 sq.ft is designed keeping in mind the theme of "museum“
He also mentioned building this house took about 500-600 workers and six months in man hours.
The grand entrance along with  the grass beds are chosen to indicate the wild and untamed nature of the contestants. 

Bigg Boss 13 house
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4. Subtle cues around the house

It was revealed by the Art Director, Omang Kumar that the house is full of hints. The painting, lights and colours are carefully chosen around each corner of the house to hint at the drama that is about to unravel.
One can find a melange of themes in different corners. The house is donned with intriguing paintings of animals and puzzling quotes.
One of the quotes read, ‘Dear Karma, I have a list of people that you missed.'

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5. An eye for every eye

It is revealed that unlike previous seasons, this season is going to have more twists due to the 93 cameras installed in every nook and corner of the house making it seemingly impossible for any gossip to stay a secret. 
This may be a reason why viewers could get more insight into the chitchats.

Bigg Boss 13 House Pictures
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6. New location

Unlike the regular location in Lonavala, this season is going to be at the Mumbai's Goregaon Film City.
This was decided due to the concerns of the guest celebrities who have issues traveling to the sets of Lonavala. One can expect more wildcard appearances now.

Bigg Boss 13 House Location
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7. Blend of people

Salman revealed at the launch that this season is going to have a different lot of celebrities. Everything about this season is going to be youthful and sensual. 

Viewers are expected to fasten the seatbelts as this season is going to have some unexpected and never seen before situations. 

Bigg Boss 13 Contestants
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8. Total Tech Cut off

This season is going to be a huge challenge for contestants as any sort of communication device is prohibited on the show including writing materials. 
No phones, no watches, no laptops and no cameras would be allowed.  It would definitely be fun watching the contestants struggle to communicate.

Bigg Boss 13 Contestants Name List
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Times of India

9. Bigg Boss 13 Celebrity Express

With the grand entry at the metro yard, Salman hinted at the entry of some ‘tedhe’ celebs  on the show. Sources suspect the following celebrities to be on the show.

Dalljiet Kaur 
Rashami Desai 
Arti Singh 
Shivin Narang
Koena Mitra 
Devoleena Bhattacharya
Siddharth Shukla
Kamiya Jani 
Mugdha Ghodse
Mahira sharma
Vivian Dsena

Bigg Boss 13 Celebrity Express
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10. 4-week finale twist

Salman hinted at a 4-week finale twist. According to him, this season is going to reach its finale faster than ever before. The show will go on for its regular 3 months runtime, but the twist after the fourth week will make or break the contestants. 

Bigg Boss 13 Finale in 4 Weeks
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11. Big boss’ melange of themes

Several themes have been revealed at various events. Themes like Celebrity Express, Museum, Zoo, Horror etc., have been spoken of by various sources. However, Salman made it clear that this year there is no particular theme as such. However, viewers can expect a number of themes unfurling during the show.

Bigg Boss 13 Theme
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12. Big Boss’ Voice is the surprise for this season

It is predicted that this year Salman would not be hosting the show alone. Meena Kumari or Ameesha Patel are rumoured to join him.
Additionally, the voice of Atul Kumar or Big Boss will be accompanied with a female voice. 

Bigg Boss Voice
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13. Interesting Games

The makers have decided to bring in lots of interesting games with different themes and formats unlike other seasons. Viewers can gear up for the late night fun and drama.

Concept of big boss 13
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14. The show timings

The show timings have also been changed to at 10.30 pm on weekdays and 9 pm on weekends. What really changed the timings is a mystery that would unfold with the show. 

Bigg Boss 13 Timings
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