12 Ways To Make Someone Happy This World Kindness Day

In this hustle where people are running everywhere to balance their lives, only few individuals manage to actually take their time out to do something for people in the society. The Act of Kindness can be as small as exchanging a smile. Imagine how different the world would become if everyone started giving it back to the society. Here are a few tips that you can follow to show kindness.

1. Write a positive sticky note to your workmate.

Though working with them has become your routine, when was the last time you complimented them? You can just write a good quality and stick it on your mate’s desk.

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2. Gift an inspirational book to the one who loves reading.

Gifting a person who loves reading their favourite book would be the best thing you can do.

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3. Knit something for your oldie.

Grandma has been knitting sweaters and gloves for you before you were even born. Take some time out and knit one for her.

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4. Run for a cause.

Running a marathon for a cause will make you feel good about yourself while you’re also becoming fit.

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5. Make a scrapbook for your friend.

Writing the things you like about a friend in a scrapbook and leaving it in their bag will make their day.

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6. Bring someone a Souvenir/gift.

Buy a Souvenir or a gift for your friend/loved ones to show that they’re special and that you don’t forget them even when you’re travelling.

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7. Praise someone to make their day.

Praise people when you think they’ve done something worth a praise, because they deserve it.

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8. Pick up all the trash around you/organise a clean environment drive.

Clean your surroundings and society voluntarily. Watching you clean, others may also join you and work for the good.

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9. Cherish old memories with a senior citizen.

Spend some quality time with your grandmas and grandpas cherishing the memories they have of their childhood and school.

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10. Bake for someone.

Take some time and bake something for yourself or for the people around you.

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11. Spend time with yourself.

While you’re busy with your chores each day, it is important and kind to spend some time with yourself. Go cycling or a walk on the beach, maybe?

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12. Visit an old age/orphan home.

There are so many beautiful people in the world. Make a visit to these adorable souls and spend some time with them.

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