10 times Virendra Sehwag has won the internet

Published on 13th Oct 2017 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

Virendra Sehwag, besides conquering various leagues, he has now mastered the art of tweets with his brilliant sense of humour.

1. When praising someone deserving is mandatory.

2. When he decided to give some manly advice to his mates.

3. Not leaving a single “Mauka” to amaze the followers with his quirky tweets.

4. On giving the youth advice on some much needed downtime.

5. When he acknowledged Serena Williams winning with this hilarious tweet.

6. When he wished Captain Dhoni using unique hashtags.

7. It’s not surprising that he has tweets for every occasion.

8. On raising some social awareness on World No Tobacco Day.

9. On mastering the pun game.

10. Viru paaji is a pro when it comes to wishing people on their birthdays.


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