10 Tata Sky DTH Connection Features That Make It The Best Buy

Published on 21st Sep 2021 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

Tata Sky Features That Make It The Most Preferred DTH Connection

Tata Sky, since its inception, has been constantly evolving with the changing times. From the one to introduce the Indian market to the platform and interactive services exclusively to pioneering PVR technology, Tata Sky DTH connection have come a long way. The Tata Sky Mobile App was an icing on the cake as it enabled the viewers to enjoy shows, movies or serials on the go! Tata Sky is committed to enhancing their infrastructure in order to provide their subscribers with the TV experience - anytime, on any device.

Tata Sky DTH connection has the most comprehensive channels and platform services ranging from movies, news, entertainment and sports channels. They also offer uncompromising, pocket-friendly Tata Sky offers.

If this doesn’t get you excited about a Tata Sky new connection, the special Tata Sky features will definitely do-

Special Tata Sky Features

Irrespective of the Tata Sky set-top box you choose, you will have access to these special Tata Sky features when you opt for a Tata Sky new connection. These special Tata Sky features make the Tata Sky DTH connection stand out from the rest. Some of the unique features of Tata Sky DTH connection are mentioned below-

1. Guide:

With this Tata Sky feature, you can browse through the 4-day schedule which includes the programme synopsis for all channels on the Tata Sky DTH connection.

2. Reminder:

This Tata Sky feature allows you to set a reminder for your favourite programmes up to 4 days in advance, ensuring you never miss an episode of your favourite show again with your Tata Sky new connection.

3. Favourites:

With this Tata Sky feature, you can set up to 50 channels in the order of your preference as a part of your favourites list with the Tata Sky DTH connection.

4. Search & Scan Banner:

This Tata Sky feature allows you to check out what’s playing on another channel without changing the channel you are currently watching. The banner appears at the base of the television screen and does not interfere with what you are watching. It disappears automatically after giving you the schedule of programmes across all channels.

5. Parental Control:

With this Tata Sky feature, you can regulate what your children watch. Tata Sky’s Parental Control allows you to lock channels based on parental ratings. To do this, press the ‘organiser’ button on your remote and select parental control.

6. Choose Your Entertainment With Tata Sky New Connection:

When you choose Tata Sky DTH as your entertainment partner, you get to pick from their best-laid Tata Sky DTH connection plans or get to create your own customized package as well. You can choose from more than 600 channels for non-stop entertainment with Tata Sky DTH.

7. Experience TV On Your Mobile With Tata Sky DTH Connection:

The Tata Sky Mobile App allows you to carry your entertainment with you wherever you go! Do not miss out on a single show or movie with LIVE TV, movies on demand and remote record.

8. Enjoy Internet Entertainment With Tata Sky New Connection:

With the latest offering of Tata Sky DTH, Tata Sky Binge+ and Tata Sky Binge, you enjoy exclusive content from OTT platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hungama, Eros Now, Disney+ Hotstar, etc.

9. Enjoy Exclusive Tata Sky Services With Tata Sky DTH Connection:

With a Tata Sky new connection, enjoy more than 35+ exclusive Tata Sky services spread across entertainment, education and spirituality. This Tata Sky feature provides exclusive, interactive, value-added services for all age groups.

10. Tata Sky Features That Extend Beyond DTH:

Tata Sky DTH connection provides better picture quality, greater sound clarity, video on demand (VOD) and many other interactive services. Get everything you need for seamless entertainment with Tata Sky new connection.

Apart from the above-mentioned Tata Sky features, there are many other reasons that make a Tata Sky DTH connection the best buy.

Exclusive Tata Sky Services Offered By Tata Sky DTH Connection

Tata Sky offers its customers a unique and exclusive experience with Tata Sky Services. These services range from entertaining and educational to spiritual and lifestyle-driven services. It provides exclusive, interactive, value-added services for all age groups. Some of the Tata Sky Services are-

1. Tata Sky Classic Cinema

Tata Sky Classic Cinema

We are sure that your parents and grandparents will love this Tata Sky Service available exclusive with Tata Sky connection. Tata Sky Classic Cinema is one of the Tata Sky Services that brings to you the best of Hindi Cinema from the 40s to 70s. With this Tata Sky Service, watch some of the best-handpicked movies from the 50s, 60s and 70s, behind the scenes, a peek into the lives of the legends, exclusive interviews, biographies and more, all being 24X7 ad-free!
This Tata Sky Service is FREE for the first 10 days and then chargeable at ₹59 / month.
Grab a tub of popcorn and enjoy the best of Hindi Cinema with your family only on Tata Sky Classic Cinema 318.

2. Tata Sky Seniors

Tata Sky Seniors

Created exclusively for senior citizens only on the Tata Sky connection, Tata Sky Seniors is a friend as well as a guide for them. Powered by Dominiche, it has the following features-
Tata Sky Seniors guides seniors on how to use the mobile phone to book a cab, chat on WhatsApp, order online and click pictures.
It also allows them to learn a new hobby, know about financial planning and get tips to travel the world.
Additionally, it helps them keep a check on their health with a panel of Doctors who share tips on how to avoid joint pain, suggest diets for diabetes, offer ayurvedic tips and home remedies for healthy living.
It allows them to indulge in interesting games like Sudoku on the Interactive Layer, a new puzzle daily, etc. to stay active.
Tata Sky Seniors is FREE for the first 10 days and later chargeable at only ₹60 / month. Learn health management, relationship management and digital education with Tata Sky Seniors 505.

3. Tata Sky Fun Learn

Tata Sky Fun Learn

Tata Sky Fun Learn is a one-stop destination for learning and has fun content for kids up to 10 years with Tata Sky Fun Learn Preschool [For kids up to 5 years] and Tata Sky Fun Learn Junior [6 to 10 years]. It is a perfect platform available only on Tata Sky connection that will set the right foundation for your kids by enhancing their language, cognitive and creative skills. This Tata Sky Service allows users to unlock content such as Rhymes, Stories & Songs, Hobby & Learning Videos, Cartoon Shows & Movies and Interactive Games & Quiz.
Tune in to Tata Sky Fun Learn on 664 and 665! Allow your kids to learn in a fun way with Tata Sky Fun Learn 664 and 665.

4. Tata Sky Dance Studio

Tata Sky Dance Studio

Dancing is a great way to keep yourself entertained and engaged. Tata Sky Dancing Studio offers you the opportunity to learn dance forms like Bollywood, Classical, Hip-Hop and many more. The dance instructions in Tata Sky Dancing Studio are available in Hindi and English with various levels of dancing guides, ranging from beginner to advanced. Available exclusively on Tata Sky connection, it is a great chance to develop a hobby by learning a variety of styles from dancing diva Madhuri Dixit Nene, choreographers like Terence Lewis, Remo D’souza and stalwarts like Pandit Birju Maharaj.
This Tata Sky Service is absolutely FREE for the first 5 days! Learn about various dance forms from the dancing diva Madhuri Dixit Nene only on Tata Sky Dancing Studio 656.

5. Tata Sky Comedy

Tata Sky Comedy


Share a laugh with your family with one of the most entertaining Tata Sky Services, Tata Sky Comedy! Tata Sky Comedy brings to you the best classic comedy shows, stand-ups from popular Indian comedians, spoofs on Bollywood, funny web series & so much more. A stressbuster, this Tata Sky Service makes for a good weekend watch. Powered by Shemaroo Entertainment, enjoy shows such as “Sarabhai vs Sarabhai”, “Shriman Shrimati”, “Bharti Ka Show” and many more!
This Tata Sky Service is FREE for the first 5 days and then chargeable at ₹60 / month. Laugh out loud and make your days brighter only with Tata Sky Comedy 135.

6. Tata Sky JEE Prep

Tata Sky JEE Prep

Tata Sky JEE Prep in association with Vedantu is a platform that offers Comprehensive Exam Preparation for India’s biggest Engineering examination JEE. Tata Sky JEE Prep is ideal for aspirants in the 9th,10th 11th and 12th Standards. For classes 9th and 10th, Tata Sky JEE Prep provides foundation videos that shall help prepare you better for the JEE entrance examination. For classes 11th and 12th, Tata Sky provides exhaustive course videos with JEE study material, JEE test series, revision sessions and interactive Q&A.

7. Tata Sky Fitness

Tata Sky Fitness


Tata Sky Fitness allows you to get trained by celebrity trainers in the comfort of your home. It brings to you the best Indian and global fitness & wellness programmes designed by experts across domains like Yoga, Workout, Diet and Nutrition, special fitness regime for Women and Senior Citizens and Meditation Music. Tata Sky Fitness focuses on individual parts of your body each day, giving you a complete body workout. You can stay fit and healthy by learning yoga, trying new forms of workouts, and getting diet tips daily. Above all else, it offers women’s special fitness tips, fitness for senior citizens, celeb fitness secrets and interactive sessions along with health tools such as calorie counters and fitness calculators. This Tata Sky Service is available in 3 different languages - Hindi, English and Telugu.
Tata Sky Fitness is FREE for the first 5 days and later chargeable at only ₹59 / month.
Learn all about fitness, health and nutrition only with Tata Sky Fitness 110.

8. Tata Sky Bollywood Premiere

Tata Sky Bollywood Premiere

If you are a die-hard fan of Bollywood movies, then this Tata Sky Service, Tata Sky Bollywood Premiere is perfect for you! It provides you with the luxury to watch ad-free Bollywood movies. Available only with a Tata Sky connection, the service also allows you to watch premium movies never telecasted on television before as well as movies that are widely acclaimed by critics and audiences alike. It is a 24-hour movie service with a new movie screening every 3 hours. The schedule for the screening is available on the service for you to plan your binge-watching accordingly.
This Tata Sky Service is chargeable at ₹75 / month. Enjoy the latest Bollywood movies at the comfort of your home only on Tata Sky Bollywood Premiere 305[SD] and 304[HD].

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