10 movies that will give wings to every child’s imagination

Published on 11th Jan 2021 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

Tata Sky brings world class entertainment to all age groups among its audience. And in order to serve its young audience better, it has a service called Tata Sky Kids Cinema which showcases movies from around the world that inspire children. This Children’s Day, lets look at some of the gems of this service. Ab kuch naya #CinemaSeSeekho with these 10 outstanding child movies from around the world.

1. Can a young girl conquer her fears to face the creator of a video game that has serious consequances? Check Labyrinthus out on Tata Sky Kids Cinema.#CinemaSeSeekho to find out.

2. Every child is truly special. But Viegeltje’s story is worth watching again and again! Watch EEP on Tata Sky Kids Cinema. #CinemaSeSeekho

3. Who would not want to have power over maths in their childhood? Watch the story of the mathematical wizard Robin in Kabhi Pass Kabhi Fail on Tata Sky Kids Cinema. #CinemaSeSeekho

4.Presents make our childhood fun and exciting. But is Jake’s present really pleasant? Watch ‘The Present’ on Tata Sky Kids Cinema to find out. #CinemaSeSeekho

5. How would you react if your complete family is shrunk to 4 inches in size? Watch how Johannes faces this dilemma in ‘Amazing Wiplala’ on Tata Sky Kids Cinema. #CinemaSeSeekho

6. Watch Hanna’s journey as she overcomes emotional obsetacles with her best friend—her horse. Watch Windstorm on Tata Sky Kids Cinema. #CinemaSeSeekho

7.Watch Gattu and Kali’s passion for Kite flying reach new heights in ‘Gattu’ on Tata Sky Kids Cinema. #CinemaSeSeekho

8. Nono’s innocence tussles with the serious themes of life. Nono, The Zigzag Kid, is a witty and humoristic tale of facing fears and fantasies. #CinemaSeSeekho

9. If you want to see what determination and true friendship looks like, you should watch the story of Mike in ‘The Horse on the Balcony’ on Tata Sky Kids Cinema. #CinemaSeSeekho

10. They say that if you want your dreams to come true, you first have to truly believe in them. Watch Malli’s innocent yet strong belifef on Tata Sky Kids Cinema. #CinemaSeSeekho

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