10 movies that will bring out your inner patriot

These films represent everything great about India, as well as the spirit that made it great. We bet you have a favourite on this list.

1. A story that revolves around a smart civilian who is fighting the system to make them realise what is the real meaning of justice.
2. A film that tells us of the life of revolutionary Bhagat Singh and his struggle against the British government.
3. The battle of Longewala is depicted from the perspective of a small, but brave group of Indian soldiers.
4. A Sikh man and a Pakistani woman form a bond that blossoms into forbidden love. Comes with some memorable dialogues too.
5. An inspiring story of a cricket match with the fate of an entire village hanging in the balance.
6. An aimless youth finds purpose in the army as he defends his nation from foreign insurgents.
7. His spark of revolt led to an entire revolution that changed the nation’s fate forever.
8. Despite hardship, a mother raises her two sons as best she can while sticking to her strict moral code.
9. A film filled with youthful gusto and highlights the importance of fighting for your rights.
10. After his brother is killed by terrorists, a medical student joins the Indian Police Service to wipe out the terrorists that threaten India.


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