10 most adorable Bollywood family portraits captured.

Published on 09th Dec 2020 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

Family plays a very important role in our lives. With all the work we do, we often forget to spend some quality time with our family. But these celebrities have made sure that they come together to share their special moments making us all go aww.

1. The little Nawab in this family picture looks too adorable. The fans say, ‘It totally is a postcard worthy picture’ and we couldn’t agree more.

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2. The cute couple’s cute kids make the family look even more lovable.

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3. King Khan’s family portraiture looks royal and elegant in every bit. The little member of the family makes it even more special.

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4. Not only does the adorable couple but the toddler also makes this family picture even more adorable.

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5. The triplets make the family look flawless, just like their picture.

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6. This photo of the super mom with her little daughters is the most lovable picture we’ve seen.

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7. Misha Kapoor totally is a stunner in this picture. An adorable star kid who completes the Shandaar family picture.

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8. The little tots of the Roshan family pose with their grandfather making it an ideal frame.

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9. Raveena Tandon with her bundle of happiness looks delightful in this family portrait.

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10. The gorgeous couple with their kids in this picture is a treat to our eyes.

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